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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    This mascara did nothing for my lashes. And it's way too pricey.

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  • stephosu22 By  stephosu22    

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this mascara! It is a little on the pricey side, but soooo worth it! I have tried many other brands to try to find a less expensive option, but haven't found anything comparable. Even had my dental hygienist comment that I had the best lashes (completely false-I have little stubby lashes).

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  • BeautyByRivera By  BeautyByRivera    

    I love this mascara! It makes your lashes look healthy and long. It gives it a bit of volume and doesn't clump your lashes together.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    I don't have this one, but I got a deluxe sample of DiorShow Extase and I loved it ... but I've heard this one is better

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  • lellybean1119 By  lellybean1119    

    This is one beauty product I cannot live without! I love love love my DiorShow! When I wear it people always think I have false eyelashes on. Yes its 23 buckaroos but I don't care, its soo worth the price. I also love Blackout and Extase formulas too! If you want killer eyelashes, fork over the dough and get it. You won't be sorry.

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    Loved my Dior mascara from Macys. Just so expensive, only got it once.

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  • bxn110 By  bxn110    

    I really love this mascara. For me it doesn't clump and doesn't dry up and crumble and leave little specks of makeup on my face. Does a nicer job then the Chanel & Lancome products in the same pricepoints.

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  • raquel707 By  raquel707    

    I do like this mascara. It give me length, volume,and it doesn't clump, but I do not like that at the end of the day my eyes look like raccoon eyes. I even bought the one that is waterproof and still doesn't work for me.

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  • tink_gurl11 By  tink_gurl11    

    I LOVE this mascara as well. Its very dramatic and does give the impression of false lashes. It really adds length and volume to my lashes and is by far my favorite mascara to date (and I have tried MANY different mascaras).

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  • sallen143 By  sallen143    

    I LOVE this mascara. People tell me all the time that my eyelashes look fake they are so pretty! It's expensive but its worth it : )

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  • g0rej3ss By  g0rej3ss    

    This is by far thee best mascara i've ever used. when i first heard about it, i was a little skeptical since it was 23 bucks but i had heard alot about and decided to splurge. I'm so glad I did because this has become my favorite mascara. so worth the price tag. it has a big think brush that really thickens and lengthings your lashes. it really looks lake you have fake lashes on. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to have big thick lashes, it really works!

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  • lturpin By  lturpin    

    This is the best mascara in the world I already have long eyelashes and use this and always get compliments. In addition it smells like roses. The packaging is great and it doesn't come off throught the day. If you buy from sephora online sometimes you get free false eyelashes or eye cream.

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  • MakeupAddict510 By  MakeupAddict510    

    I didn't really like the Blackout. But I love the Dior Show and Iconic mascaras!

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  • trista17pluto By  trista17pluto    

    This is great mascara, I need only one coat and I am ready to go.

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