Fiber One Yogurt

Fiber One Yogurt

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This is a great yogurt and my 5 yo loves it too. I like the creamy texture and find it to be a great snack for all of us.

I am a huge yogurt fan and this is one of the best flavored there is. The added fiber is a big bonus.

Love the flavor and that it has so much fiber in it!

I love this yogurt. It really does keep you regular.

id also like to mention that i like to add some seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, etc) and raisins, cut up fruit, the vanilla flavor, try it..its great!

All of the flavors are pretty good, although the vanilla is my least favorite. Despite the small portions, they're pretty filling. Plus, their WW points rating is 0!

I've been on a diet for a while now and I've tried the strawberry fiber one yogurt. And it was simply yummy, and it only has about 50 calories which is good because I can eat them without feeling that I over did it for the day. The fiber gives me a feeling of being full and that way I don't have to have anything else with it for breakfast. Love it.

I tried the key lime and loved the flavor, it was very creamy almost like a pudding or custard and without the aftertaste you sometimes get with artificial sweeteners, the only problem is I ate several on the same day and with 5 grams of fiber per serving my stomach was in turmoil.