Forever 21 Twist Collection

Forever 21 Twist Collection

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love this store! can spend the whole day in it getting lost...

Forever 21 has really unique and fashionable clothes. Sometimes they seem cheap in both quality and price. I would always find clothing with holes or rips still hanging on the racks. I cannot stand its return policy. You can only return clothes for store credit within 21 days. All accessories cannot be returned.

All of the new lines that forever 21 is comming out with are all affordable enough for everyone. I love how fashionable their clothing is. I especially like there new line of clothing twist! It's so cool! Everyone should check it out! or in store !

everything forever 21 puts out will sell regardless!!

I love it

I think the new collection is super cute. But... I've already seen something like this. H&M had clothes like this out a month ago (tulle skirts, baggy tanks, etc.) I expected something a bit more "out there". It's definitely very cute though!