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  • beccadawn23 By  beccadawn23    

    I was SHOCKED by how much I like these diapers. I bought them because our daycare insists on changing the baby every 2 hours whether he needs it or not. I couldn't afford to keep him in Pampers any longer. I was prepared for lots of leaks and soiled clothes but so far they have been wonderful! And the price is a real relief to the pocket book! I still prefer Pampers for overnight or long stints since it locks the moisture away better and he gest less diaper rash. However, for a daytime diaper, these are a value you can't beat!

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  • lyndianderson By  lyndianderson    

    Best diapers you can buy for comfort, non-leaking, style, etc. I've tried them all and now - even as a coupon shopper, don't waste my time with any other brand. They are ALWAYS a price-beater (even with matching coupons and sales on other brands) and are FAR superior! Love'em!

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  • Piper123 By  Piper123    

    My son has never had a leak with these diapers. The past 2 boxes I bought (months apart) seemed to be cut incorrectly in the back and part of his butt cheek would be hanging out. Before I tried Kirkland diapers I was using Huggies Supreme.

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  • kriskyke By  kriskyke    

    My favorite diapers! I wish I knew about these when my Son was in diapers! I used to be a brand name only person, not anymore! Try them out!

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  • DebEmilioSteve By  DebEmilioSteve    

    They hold a lot (my little guy sleeps a long time at night and no leaks!) and are a good price.

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  • mje_1964 By  mje_1964    

    Once you get into the bigger sizes these are comparable in quality to the name brands but are definitely cheaper. Wish they did not combine sizes 1 and 2. There 1-2 does not fit my daughter, but Huggies and Pampers size 2 does. If a Costco member- stock up when they send out the monthly coupons. Diapers are usually one of the coupons every 2-3 months.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    We've used these for both of our daughters, and have never had any problems. The price is right, and they really do the job.

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  • Mom2Ainsley By  Mom2Ainsley    

    I love Kirkland diapers. I have tried all major brands. They are great. I would compare them to the huggies supreme. They are the closest that I could compare too. But...they are great on my daughters sensitive skin. I had switched to another name brand diaper and she got a bad rash. The doc told me to switch back. She's in a size 4 now and we are still loving them! We do have to put her in huggies overnights now at night time.

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  • JEM4612 By  JEM4612    

    I used these for my last child and was never disappointed. I found that they leaked less than Pampers. Plus, the cost can't be beat!

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  • itsme199621 By  itsme199621    

    I think all diapers leak at some point - usually when your little one needs the next size up. I had occasional leaks with the name brands and the generic. (esspecially when dad changes them LOL)

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