e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

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I cannot praise this company enough. It was my first make-up brand and I'm sure it will be my last. I have never had sticker shock from items and have only a few times been disappointed. They really have quality as their main priority and it shows!

I give E.L.F 5 *'s because of its inexpensive price and expensive product quality. It allows the non making 6 figures to be able to purchase makeup brushes, primers, lip wear and eye brow products for a cheap price and still look like Hollywood superstars. I love their products and E.L.F. is always my first stop in the makeup aisle.

I adooooore elf Cosmetics! I'm pretty lucky in the fact that I can afford the department store brands, but I must say that elf has several products that I can't live without and are truly department store quality! A few that come to mind are...number one is FOR SURE their undereye highlighting powder. I think every makeup wearing individual on the face of the earth should wear this! Since I'm *ahem* not a spring chicken anymore I wear it over a dab of concealer and it softens the look of your entire eye area. I have one in my bathroom, one in my purse, and one in my gym bag!! Also their eyeshadow stick liners are BRILLIANT! I use the sparkly black one over my upper lid eyeliner to smudge it out and set it. Love love love elf!!

Elf products are great and affordable. They may seem really cheap but it's just because of the price. The actual products are actually very pigmented. I love their mineral lip sticks, lip stains, and lip sticks. Their primers and setting spray are also amazing!

Honestly I like their cosmetics no matter that people say that is cheap and not so trendy. I think that e.l.f. It's very affordable and I don not need to spend much money to look beautiful. Of course for some products I would prefer some other brands but overall e.l.f is not so bad and a lot of products that really better that high end cosmetics. Personally my favorite products are eyeliner, primer and lipsticks.

I LOVE everything I have tried from E.L.F and I have tried pretty much everything that Wal-mart carries in their brand. I have gotten to the point where I check the E.L.F section first before checking the rest of the makeup aisle when I need something new.

The entire elf line is very affordable and some products are great and others are not. I love their eyelid primer....it is the best I have tried. The eyeshadows don't seem to have enough pigment for me. Lip products are cheap enough that you can stash them everywhere to always have fresh color.

Great quality and affordable!

Elf is honestly very hit and miss but i havent made many misses and when ya get a hit the product is amazing and extremely affordable . id rather spend a buck or two on something i hate than to fork out over $50 to find something i hate. Elf is really worth the value, some brushes can be a little wonky but some others are great my favorite brush is the elf professional concealer brush...GREAT for gel liner.

Great quality and affordable.

The whole elf line is awesome in my book for the price, and they are very high quality.

i love any/ all makeup! sO of course I had to try elf! I have a lot of their brushes, and the primer, brow kit, lip plumper/primer, and some. Lashes. I am happy with them so far! They are so affordable!

elf cosmetics is such an affordable makeup brand. although its so affordable the produces are great!

I love e.l.f products! they are super affordable and really great quality.

I really like E.L.F products. They are good quality at an affordable price. Some products are better than others but overall they are great. You can get a lot of different items for $1 which is nice! The studio line is a litte more expensive but pretty much everything in the line is under $5.