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  • orangecitrus By  orangecitrus    

    Awesome product. The mascara lengthens and makes your lashes shiny and healthy looking. The eyebrow gel really keeps the hairs in place. I will continue using this product and i will buy many more.

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  • ladyredx By  ladyredx    

    i love this stuff.works great and when im one the run and for got my mascara and my browns are to long this comes in handy.its one item i carry in my purse.

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  • CloudNa By  CloudNa    

    I love this on my eyebrows, it keeps it well-groomed.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I haven't tried this product on my lashes, but it works great to keep my brows looking groomed all day

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  • mcarter251 By  mcarter251    

    I love this product and a few to have in each one of my purses.

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  • bluejay92 By  bluejay92    

    love this product . its works well for the eyebrows. inexpensive .

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  • cosmeticandy By  cosmeticandy    

    i love this product i must have one at all times not only is the brow gel great and convenient but the mascare is the perfect "hairspray" equivalent for you eyelash curl, i apply it before black mascara and it seperates them beautifully before putting normal mascara on.

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  • freeland_2009 By  freeland_2009    

    hmm i dont really like this for mascara because it doesnt really work and i love it for eyebrows cause they look perfect every time i just dont like when it gets on my skin cause it turns white

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  • helloannisa By  helloannisa    

    I think this product is pretty for a 1.00$. Its good for first time mascara users, but the mascara doesnt hold that much. but the eyebrow part works really well to make your eyebrows look really groomed

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