Sassy Teething Feeder

Sassy Teething Feeder

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We tried using this while our daughter was teething but found it was just too messy in the end and difficult to clean. It also seemed to get stuck when we put the cap on, making it difficult to open back up. The idea of this is great, but the overall ease of clean up left me more frustrated than anything else.

Horrible for parents I absolutely hate this product. Its a good idea but the cleaning process is horrible. My child liked the way you can taste the flavor but just too much for me personally.

Fun for Kids I truly enjoyed this product to help with my children when they were little. It helped with trying new foods, but at a young age. The only down side was they can be a little tricky to clean. Be sure food doesnt stick around or you'll get mold.

When my half sister started to teeth this was what we got her. It kept her distracted for a while and she started to eat slices pieces of strawberries, oranges, apples.. she loved it! It's very messy and it is hard to open- until you get used to it. We hand washed it and left it inside out to dry and it last us about 6 months maybe.. near the end it got bent badly after it somehow ended up in the dishwasher..

Great invention We bought this for my daughter when she was 6 months old. She loved using it and exploring new foods and I enjoyed not having to worry so much about her choking. The only reason why I did not give it 5 stars was because it is a pain to clean. No matter what toy put inside it is a pain to get it clean.

these are good for teething if you dont mind a mess after. My son wasnt a huge fan of them either but they work wonder for some familys

I really like this feeder, my daughter loves being able to self-feed. I only have one small grief, which is, it can be a little hard to clean the mesh, but I don't blame the manufacturer for that.

Great concept, however it is very messy! We used a handful of times and due to the mess we stopped. It is much easier to use other teething objects.

I used this product when my daughter was around 9 months old. It is perfect for FRUITS. I used it a lot. Highly recommend this product if you don't want to be worried about your kid choking this is the way to go.

Its a good idea but my son used it a few minutes and thats it... i think he didn't like the feeling, he was 6 months old when i bought it for him.

I have always loved these for my children, especially during that critical transition when baby is first trying solids and I am hesitant to give her the full food. It is great for bananas and other soft fruit.

I love it but i only have one little issue. What ever fruit you put it as soon as the baby start eating it drip everywhere. So babies make a mess it It. But is good so they don't shock on the food.

My son absolutely loves his little feeder. The only downfall is the mess that is made when he uses it.

I hated cleaning this item! My daughter didn't really like it and What a pain in the butt it was to open. I was happy to give it away! Never again will buy one.

Both my boys loved this! I can give fruits in this without the worry of choking. I have NEVER had any foods come out of these at least not appropriately through the "mesh".