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  • juli8587 By  juli8587    

    subsribe... love it

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  • ashleywoods4 By  ashleywoods4    

    I loved this magazine when I was younger and childless. I feel like it is geared towards single, naturally thin, childless women. Now that I have an infant the "toning" workouts aren't adequate or realistic for me anymore, I need more cardio tips and motivation now. I still enjoy the recipes, although I do have to tailor them or "doctor" them because I can't find certain ingredients. I no longer subscribe, but I will occasionally read an article online.

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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    really would like to see real pictures and ppl

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  • Reyesm By  Reyesm    

    Good magazine overall, a lot of good tips on how to be and stay healthy

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  • SexyVita By  SexyVita    

    The best and ideas to be in shape!

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  • maroonedonmars By  maroonedonmars    

    One of my favorite women's health magazines. Great excercise and diet tips, as well as health articles

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  • KMaureen By  KMaureen    

    I LOVE Shape! I keep it in the bathrrom (I know that's a little bt wierd) but I find that a little dose of Shape every morning inspires me to keep working on my fitnees goals. Very inspiring, pracitcal and down to earth.

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  • LAgirl By  LAgirl    

    Shape is one of my favorite fitness magazines. Great exercies and articles. Sometimes when I'm in a exercise slump just looking at Shape motivates me to start working harder again.

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  • imaleo By  imaleo    

    I initially received a free subscription to Shape. I liked it so much, I signed up for a 2nd year. What I really enjoy about this mag is that the models aren't stick thin; they all look healthy. I also enjoy the page full of facts/tips tips provided in each issue. The magazine doesn't only focus on exercise routines and give tips on healthy eating, it also provides tasty recipes as well. I've saved all my past subscriptions and cut out the exercise cards and put them into a binder. When I want to change up my routine, I go through it and never get bored.

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  • fatheaddog By  fatheaddog    

    I like Shape because it doesn't just focus on workout routines. I don't really workout that much, but I still enjoy reading for the healthy eating tips.

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  • miscmayzee By  miscmayzee    

    Shape isn't the best women's fitness magazine out there, but is a solid choice for a good price. I would recommend it for the variety alone!

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  • ashtree By  ashtree    

    Yeah, I LOVE Shape! It is a great all-around magazine, it's not just about hardcore working out. If you buy it in a subscription -like from Amazon, it's not as expensive also.

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  • mtcarter By  mtcarter    

    Very insprining. I love the personal success stories!

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  • JenBush52 By  JenBush52    

    I have been subscribing to this magazine for over ten years. It offers realistic advice on leading a healthy lifestyle. They offer healthy recipes, monthly workout routines, quick workouts, success stories, research on mind and body, fashion and beauty advice, product reviews, and inspiration.

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  • Kakeys By  Kakeys    

    Love this mag. Have been a subscriber for years. Once a month inspiration that comes to my door!!

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