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This was a great movie not only for kids, but adults as well. This movie was all around great. It had your emotions all over the place. One minute you would be laughing hysterically and the next your balling your eyes out. A few parts you even get quite angry. This is a movie my family and I can watch over and over.

this is my favorite movie. its a great family movie. my child loves it as well.

I loved this movie, it has a a very deep message for adults but still is very entertaining for kids .

I loved this movie, it has a a very deep message for adults but still is very entertaining for kids .

Absolutely love this movie! It is great for all ages and really has a beautiful story.

This is a lovely movie made for children but with such a deep message for adults. This movie is about the love of a man for a woman and how a child changes this man's perspective from being a bitter old man to one who can love others again. It is a sweet and funny movie for the whole family.

I could watch this movie over and over again, it is very entertaining for all ages. My grandson loves this movie as do I. There are people of all ages that find this movie colorful, funny and heart warming. It teaches young children that no matter how you appear on the outside you have something to offer.

This is on my top ten of all my favorite movies. I love it the plot and story line as well as the characters. It's an absolute beauty, it makes me laugh, it made me cry and it has become a family favorite. Mr. Fredrickson is such a lovable character you can't help but love the guy and have a chuckle at what he puts up with from Russel and Dug. It's a lovable movie.

Extremely well made and family friendly. Definitely worth the movie theater ticket and food costs

Wonderful movie for the whole family! One of the few family movies my 15 year old son will admit to liking. Very funny and heartwarming.

Comical and heartwarming. This movie is one of the best by pixar and Disney. It's relatable and the kids can learn something from it. It's not just a fluff movie with no values.

Love this movie has a cute storyline and is funny.

My daughter's favorite Pixar movie. A great family movie that will have everyone laughing and crying.

This is a great movie. It's one of my daughters must for road trips.

Super cute kids/family movie. Everyone will love this movie. It's an adorable story with very entertaining scenes. Loved the whole thing!