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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Live Burts Bees

    Love Burts Bees products but this isnt my favorite. Its alright but just cant compare to lip balms.

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  • Briemo By  Briemo    

    All natural, light weight, fast penetrating moisturizer

    This all natural hand cream smells great and moisturizes while quickly being absorbed into the skin. I use it for all sorts of things. I have even used it as a moisturizer on my healing tattoos and it feels so light on my skin.

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  • marshagail By  marshagail    

    I love all the berts beeswax products they work really well

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  • cowser72 By  cowser72    


    The scent of this product was overwhelming. It made my hands greasy and I couldn't tell any difference in the effect it had on my skin.

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  • kayla619 By  kayla619    

    I love this hand creme. I used to live in the midwest and during winter, the area within my nailbeds would crack and bleed. Once I found this product, it was an instant relief. Made my hands very soft.

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  • Mgoodman25 By  Mgoodman25    

    I got this as a gift so cost was not a concern. I love the way it smells I could sit with the jar open and just take it in all day! I love Burt's Bees products. I like that they are made with good quality ingredients. This is not as thick as other hand creams that I've used but I still really like this one.

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  • Hatshepsut By  Hatshepsut    

    I truly love this product. It's very luxurious and rich without a greasy feeling. . I started using it years ago and then the prices went up on all of their products unfortunately. Otherwise, I still enjoy the product.

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  • Businessasusual By  Businessasusual    

    Love this brand

    Burt's Bee products are awesome! Easy on the skin with no strong overwhelming smell!

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  • brejgeiselman80 By  brejgeiselman80    

    Great for seriously dry hands

    Love this product. The smell is light and fantastic. It's a little expensive for the amount but the product works well. I liked using it at night and then put mittens/gloves on.

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  • MelissaSue By  MelissaSue    

    Love Burt's Bees

    The Burt's Bee's line is one of my favorites. It is natural and my skin loves it. I tend to have very dry skin and this product works well for me. Love the smell.

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  • stephanierenee44 By  stephanierenee44    

    LOVE all BURT'S BEESWAX very clean and works very well! Natural and safe. great product. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!

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  • Sweetangel By  Sweetangel    

    I use this on my hand and my lips it keep it soft and smooth.

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  • falu215 By  falu215    

    I love Burt's Bees products and this creme hasn't let me down. It is smooth and lightly aromatic. Best of all it keeps my hands soft.

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  • KFeatherable By  KFeatherable    

    I love the smell of this hand cream. It helps to moisturize my hands after a manicure.

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  • parker2820031 By  parker2820031    

    I really like Burt's Bee products. The hand cream is thick so a little bit goes a long way. I'm guessing that's why the jar is so small. Higher price but worth the money.

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