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  • chiefsgirl By  chiefsgirl    

    It is best with Charlie Sheen. I don't like it without him.

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  • Littleshell By  Littleshell    

    Funny, funny, funny. Love this show. Miss Charlie but a great group of actors'.

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  • Jennyfr By  Jennyfr    

    I never liked this show and finally got so sick of watching it (husband like it/go figure) I will NOT allow it to be on when I am around! This show is one of the most degrading shows to women that was ever made! I don't know if the show is still on now but when Charlie Sheen was in it I couldn't believe it was even on prime time! He was a drunk a-hole who lived to "GET" as many women as he could and he made me sick! the only person that I thought was cute was Jake!

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  • YoungHippieMom By  YoungHippieMom    

    Used to love watching this show, but now it's not the same now that Charlie Sheen is gone. Stopped watching it now.

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  • staceyannmarie By  staceyannmarie    

    charlie sheen was the best he has ever been on this show. love ashton but he's just not charlie.

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  • nmrollagal By  nmrollagal    

    This show isn't funny anymore! It was funny with Charlie Sheen and now that Ashton Kutcher is on, it has gone down hill. I only watch the reruns with Charlie.

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  • krystlbear By  krystlbear    

    Love this show.

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  • vmajano812 By  vmajano812    

    When Charlie Sheen was on it it was hilarious! But Ashton Kutcher has ruined it for me. Don't watch the new episodes at all.

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    I love this show. With or without Charlie Sheen, I DVR it so I won't miss an episode. I recommend.

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  • ChicShopper By  ChicShopper    

    I used to love this show, but can't stand it any longer! Alan become such a pathetic mooch! and in a world were we are telling our children to say no to drugs, they seem to be promoting Jake's pot smoking. They are playing his drug induced stupidity as adorable instead of focussing on what a loser the kid really is!

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  • amandaf79 By  amandaf79    

    Not as good this past season without Charlie. I think the writers have run out of material

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  • animalgal By  animalgal    

    Super funny, but NOT for kids! It is too hard to watch this with kids and having to explain the jokes. I think it should come on later in the evening. But for me, I love the show!

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  • mdkerestes By  mdkerestes    

    A complete waste of time

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  • rmaynard7 By  rmaynard7    

    This show was so much funnier with Charlie Sheen :(

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  • pmencin By  pmencin    

    Even though Charlie Sheen was a cad, the show just isn't the same without him. Ashton Kutcher is just too "goofy". The only character I really still like is Berta, the housekeeper!

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