Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

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Does a great job - unfortunately you have to buy all sorts of ingredients I don't keep on hand so we never use it

I have used mine for a few years and it always works out great. I found that the ice cream does not get as firm as the old rock salt mixers, but who can argue with the ease of the self contained frozen cannister? I found that if the temp is hot outside, we have to make the ice cream indoors so that the frozen cannister does not thaw out too quickly before the ice cream hardens. And yes, the ingredients were pre-chilled. The machine can be noisy indoors.

I so want one of these! I make ice cream through out the year and other frozen treats, this would be prefect since I wouldn't have to keep ice and rock salt on hand every week. Would be a great product to test.

Would love to try one of these please send me one

I love ice Cream and so do my kids I would love to have one of these it looks like it works really well

Home-made ice cream made easy! I use this all the time, so I keep the cylander in the freezer and it's always ready to go. Milk, sugar and flavor extracts are all you need to start, or you can get fancy and make custom creations. My favorite is a simple, low-fat vanilla, right when it comes out of the machine -- just like soft-serve! It's even a great way to use up extra over-ripe fruit - peach sherbet, anyone?

I've had mine for a few years and find that it's not as powerful as it used to be.

This would be a great product to try out!!!

i would love to try this product.!:)

I LOVE this! I have only had it about a week now, but have used it 5 times, I bought the snazzy red version. =) It is so easy to use, just pour the ingredients in and let the machine do the churning. No rock salt or ice required. It is very much worth the investment to me because it will be healthier(not to mention preservative free) and cheaper than store-bought ice cream, PLUS I can put anything in that I want to! It makes ice cream, smoothies, sherbet, margaritas.....just about anything that is a frozen liquid. Off to make my strawberry ice cream now!!!