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  • emilycoker29 By  emilycoker29    

    Love it! Super easy my son loves it. He is 19months old problem eating it right out of the cup!

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  • hmease010 By  hmease010    

    Really good if you make it right. Although if you add just a little bit extra water it ruins it.

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    These are great for school lunches or a quick lunch at home for people with children. The cups have easy to use to directions so that the children and can make it by themselves or with a little help from mom! Velveeta makes the creamiest mac and cheese and it taste delicious!

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  • savingprivatekelly By  savingprivatekelly    


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  • minilils3 By  minilils3    

    Delicious! So easy and delicious! Love that you can eat a delicious lunch so quickly!

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  • Sunnybrook1124 By  Sunnybrook1124    

    These are great for a side dish if you live/cook for self. No waste..

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  • SavannahBeth By  SavannahBeth    

    Somehow not as tasty as the boxed Velveeta shells and cheese, and too small to satisfy for this adult--though two is just about right. Quick and easy when you crave something carb-y and cheesy.

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  • Mgrant10 By  Mgrant10    

    As a major mac and cheese addict i give this 4 stars. For a microwaveable fast snack it was perfect. Of course the stovetop variety can often be a little better quality this was great for the time and price involved. Way better than kraft.

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  • candij By  candij    

    Great for a quick, cheesy snack when you don't want to eat a big meal.

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  • wrightvm By  wrightvm    

    This product doesn't taste anything like stove top. It's convenient, creamy, and cheesy....that's about it. It wasn't at all what I was expecting!

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  • JuliaNicole By  JuliaNicole    

    Velveeta in a cup? I'm in. Doesn't own up to the stove top kind, but it's darn near close!

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  • bookreader0614 By  bookreader0614    

    I buy these and keep on hand for a quick lunch for my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter. She absolutely loves them! I enjoy one every once in a while myself!!

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  • babeebuddah By  babeebuddah    

    Easy lunch food for work. Quick to cook and very delicious.

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  • jenuits By  jenuits    

    The flavor is just "okay" and can do in a pinch but I would really rather make the big box and put some in a container for lunch. That being said, the Kraft Easy-Mac really is no competition if I had to choose.

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  • Pitterin By  Pitterin    

    Every so often have an unexpected finicky child to babysit. Though I prefer cooking from scratch this one is something I keep on hand because it is quick n easy, a single serve, and VELVEETA!

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