Gerber Puffs

Gerber Puffs

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My daughter tried theses and she did not like them. She said they did not taste good.

My daughter loves these, however, there is sugar in I really try to limit how much she has

My kids all love them, but they are a little expensive seeing as how they go threw them so quickly!!

As a pediatric dietitian, I can't claim these are the most wonderfully nutritious food on the planet. However, they have minimal sugar and low Calories and can keep my baby occupied while I get his real meal ready. They are a perfect starter finger food since they melt in the mouth and are easily picked up.

My two babies love these, there are multiple flavors. The down side is they are expensive and very small containers.

To be honest I think I loved these more than my kids did...they have the right amount of sweetness to them and just melts in your mouth. Always had them on hand at home and when traveling.

always bought these for my kids...they loved out for the cap falling off thou

I give it a 3 based on my son's response to it. He never liked any of the puffs really - the ones that sort of just melt in your mouth. I think it is overpriced and I wouldn't purchase much of it. I would try it out with a future child to see if maybe it was a personal preference. Another thing I didn't like too much is that it gets sticky with just a little water or if they lick their fingers so it can get a little messy. My other friends' kids seemed to enjoy them in the transition to real food stage, but it didn't work for us.

These are good but the store brand is just as good. I love that my children can eat these by themselves.

My son loved them. However the texture is unpleasant.

I like this product - but I would like to see more of a variety -- good started for solid foods.. but bland..

I have like 8 unopened bottles of these, my son won't eat them. They seemed like a great finger snack but they also even to me seem a little foamy. I don't think he likes the texture on his tongue. I would recommend for you to try them with your little one though. Every child is different and if they'll eat them they are a great snack.

As far as baby and toddler snacks go these are pretty good. I have used them as an infant and toddler teacher for years. They are great for teaching kids how to pick up food and get it into their mouths. They also dissolve very quickly, which is really good at reducing the risk of chocking. My son liked the banana ones but nothing else. He is a pretty picky eater and he LOVES the banana ones!

my daughter used to like these when she just started teething. Since the taste is so mild she didnt show much interest once she grew up.

Strange texture and some of the flavors are especially bad. My baby used to eat them until he found better things. Not especially nutritious, either, when you consider other options. They are great for beginners to learn how to use their pincer grasp, though!