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  • allybaby1285 By  allybaby1285    

    i love this product so much

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  • iheartbrains By  iheartbrains    

    Really good staying power and doesn't smudge! If it dries out, put in a ziplock Baggie, place in a cup of hot water for a couple minutes. It will be good as new!

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  • gilmoregirl24723 By  gilmoregirl24723    

    It does dry out in about a month BUT it is creamy and stays on forever. Best drugstore gel liner in my opinion. The brush it comes with is pretty useless, however.

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  • Beachgirl714 By  Beachgirl714    

    it drys out really fast not a good product...

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  • beauty_speaks By  beauty_speaks    

    This Creme Eyeliner stays on all day and goes on great. It's dark and looks great on eyes. But, sometimes I feel that it doesn't smudge but parts of it end up on my face if I touch my eye. It's okay, but I wouldn't re-purchase it.

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  • vanessa722 By  vanessa722    

    I bought this eyeliner a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked! It stayed on all day, the color didn't fade, and went on really easily! BUT The brush which was horrible, AND DRY SO QUICKLY!! OH NO!!!

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  • Viidea By  Viidea    

    My 15 yr old swears by this stuff and its super affordable!

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  • elgaralex By  elgaralex    

    I think these liners are as good as or better than the high priced designer liners. They cost $1 or less and you can feel free to experiment with many colors without breaking the bank. It's a no brainer to purchase these products and they're available at almost every grocery and drug store. Sometimes they even run special of 2/$1.00. How can you possibly beat that??

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  • dudsi17 By  dudsi17    

    Probably the best eyeliner product I've used. Pretty much waterproof. Really hard to remove though but if you want something to last and last and last, this is it!

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  • kclark37 By  kclark37    

    This product is okay, I have owned a lot of cream and gel liners, and this is better then some and worse then some but for the price, its a good product

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  • dkjazzdiva By  dkjazzdiva    

    I looooove this eyeliner!! Talk about true black? And staying power? It really lasts. It comes in a clear acrylic pot with its own brush. The brush works fine but I also use a brush that can deliver a thinner line. When I want a more dramatic smokier look I use the brush that was supplied. This is a great value for the money and will last a pretty long time. Crying, perspiring, water doesn't make a mark. It stays put. Make sure you've got make up remover!! Try it!! Wet and Wild has some really good products...cheap!!!

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  • jdeannaw By  jdeannaw    

    Amazing product! I bought this on sale after I watched a video on how great cream liner is. The brush is perfect and the liner being a cream makes it go on so smoothly. The intense black color is great when you are trying to have a dramatic look.

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    I love this kind of make up it is great

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  • ScotGirl1314 By  ScotGirl1314    

    I love this product! I own another brand of cream eyeliner but the price on this was too good to pass up so I thought I'd give it a go. Best decision ever! For half the price of the other one you get essentially the same product. I own it in Black and Eggplant and love them both. It goes on easily, the color is amazing, and it lasts all day! My only complaint is the brush that's with it is too thick and not soft at all but I own three other eyeliner brushes so that's fine. Also, it would be great if the pots were labeled with the color name, not just the number, but I fixed that with a Sharpie.

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  • tigerlillylove By  tigerlillylove    

    For such a low price this item is pretty swell although I wish it would stay on longer pehaps a primer woudl help.

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