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  • mkjordan307 By  mkjordan307    

    My parents used to give these to me when I was a child! Love them!

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  • dealluv By  dealluv    

    My kids love the taste, I wish they came in gummies though.

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  • mamadelgordito By  mamadelgordito    

    :D I remember loving these and the gummy vit. As a child.My mother would give me and my siblings these as a child.We would ask for them after eating.I do remember the taste wasn't as good as the gummy ones but we'd love them.It was exciting to get the color you liked.My brother ate almost a the whole thing in a day once. I hope my son likes them when he's old enough.

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  • Rockrebel By  Rockrebel    

    Good product, my son prefers the gummy version of the vitamins. He gives me no trouble taking them now.

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  • nanna3 By  nanna3    

    We love the Flinstone's vitamins

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  • coffeechic By  coffeechic    

    These are CLASSICS. I used to take them and now my daughters take them too. We alternate from these to gummies, but they're ok with both :)

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  • amigreenwald By  amigreenwald    

    My kids absolutely love these vitamins. They take them with no problem. I love using a product that i used as a kid and trusting the product and company always makes it easier to give the product to my kids. makes me a happy mom!~

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  • tris2002 By  tris2002    

    I loved these when i was younger and when it came time to pick out a supliment for my son i chose these. Unfortunately he HATES them-I tried one with him to show them how yummy they are and was sadly mistaken (not sure what i loved about them when i was younger). They, to me, have a sour taste and I wouldn't want to take them regularly either. Secondly he spits them out and the coloring gets everywhere-his face, hands, shirt, you name it.

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  • JenSchwieb By  JenSchwieb    

    I am very impressed with these vitamins. My son has always had issues with constantly getting sick, but ever since starting him on these vitamins on a daily basis, he's been much healthier. They also taste good to him, and he loves seeing which character he gets to eat every morning!

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  • musicmomma By  musicmomma    

    We love the Flinstone's vitamins! Both my children use these every morning after breakfast.

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  • robinsonlisa79 By  robinsonlisa79    

    they are great! my brother and i used to love them when we were kids!

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  • april_ilo By  april_ilo    

    I use these myself...and for my kids. LOVE them!!!

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  • BKLYN1123 By  BKLYN1123    

    My son Loves these vitaMINS. He perfers the Purple ones... they should sell them by flavor also

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  • Mena888 By  Mena888    

    My daughter liked the taste of the gummy version of these vitamins. I purchased the chalky ones because those are the kind that I grew up on as a child. I prefer to get her the gummy version because those Are the ones that are more palatable to her age group. Don't get the chalky ones if your house gets humid. I found out the hard way. The chalky vitamins gets black flecks due to "oxidation" and "humidity" I was told by the customer representative. She told me it was safe to eat. but it was visible unappealing and I wasn't sure. So I threw it away and purchased the gummy version and had no problems. She loves them and I like the taste too.

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  • a_static_star_0 By  a_static_star_0    

    I hope these things have gotten better since I used to take them as a kid. I remember hiding these things under the couch when my mom would give them to me. Yuck!

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