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  • gschu19 By  gschu19    

    a classic!

    I love t-swift. this is right when she started to get poppy... i revisit this album year after year :)

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  • Chickensalad By  Chickensalad    

    Fun Songs

    Taylor Swift's voice is average, comparable to that of a decent singer on reality voice competitions. Her music is fun for the teens and youthful spirits. Great songs to sing-along to or even dance to.

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  • Wanianoor By  Wanianoor    


    Lovelovelove this album, especially when it came out. Especially love white horse!!

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  • Rebelflowergirl By  Rebelflowergirl    


    I use to listen to this CD all the time until I got tired of listening to it. I really like some of the songs. But now I don't like Taylor swift nomore.

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  • Megan711 By  Megan711    

    Brings Back Memories

    I use to put this CD in my karaoke machine and jam out all night. Who am I kidding, if I still had it today, I'd be doing the same thing.

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  • SophiaG By  SophiaG    

    Young Girls Just Love Her!!

    I do enjoy some of her songs but have many other favorites that I personally think superceed her music. However teenage girls and younger just love her. I enjoy watching them get so excited about her, her music and oh boy when she is coming to town having a concert. Helped them get there posters to take to concert. Love all that "young" excitement and energy!! Too cute

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  • nafeza2526 By  nafeza2526    

    " I actually brought this album. I love the selection of songs on it. She has a beautiful voice and the videos are very entertaining."

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  • Lyndsey_frost By  Lyndsey_frost    

    Great songs

    Good album of Taylor's before she turned to pop music fully. Most of the songs are great and inspirational

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  • Mich81 By  Mich81    

    She has a good voice. After a while all her songs are the same.

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  • alanajanes93 By  alanajanes93    

    This T-Swift album is one of the best!

    I love everything about this album. This is the album that got me hooked on Taylor Swift. I wasn't a huge fan of her until I heard a lot of the songs on here. Some of my favorite T-Swift songs are on here! I am not a huge country fan... so the fact that I like this album says a lot. I also feel like a lot of young girls can relate to some of the songs on here which is pretty awesome.

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  • PamelaTweeter By  PamelaTweeter    


    I think she's a good singer. However, she's not my cup of tea. Might be because she's so young, and her songs are about every boy she's dated. But she is very talented.

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  • krisharrison By  krisharrison    

    She's GREAT!!

    I had just graduated high school when she put this out! and I absolutely loved it then and now!! She seems to be a wonderful person. Despite what all the media try to paint her as. I just wish now she would find herself back to her country roots!!

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  • Nelsonj By  Nelsonj    



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  • TMcMeley By  TMcMeley    

    I know a lot of people who may have their own opinion about Taylor Swift. But, some of her songs are part of my memories of fun times when I was engaged to my now husband. I get smiles when I hear old songs from her.

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  • Honestlymydear By  Honestlymydear    

    I was surprised I liked it, A lil sweet but nice. The packing is cool too, and not to much money. I'll get it!

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