Blizzard World of Warcraft

Blizzard World of Warcraft

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I quit for a while due to loss of job and trying to save money, but I really enjoy this game. You really can decide how involved you want to be in the game. Just don't read the forums, they will have you convinced that every class is broken! Anyway, I've had fun with the game and I've met some really nice people, too.

I've played several MMORPGs and keep coming back to this one. World of warcraft is a great MMORPG. Your level of PVP, socializing, playing , etc is all up to you. IT is not designed to be a children's game - the user agreement clearly stated that from the beginning though they now allow one minor child to play per account as well as the main adult. If your child is going to play you should be aware of what they are doing and who they are hanging out with - as you should with any online social site or game ( or off computer interaction for that matter). PVP ( player vs player ) is not a required part of game play if you choose to stay out of it. There are plenty of servers where the general game play prohibits PVP altogether unless you are in specific areas or choose to duel. The content is constantly added to and bugs are usually fixed ASAP.