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  • mintmom By  mintmom    

    The truffle bars are very yummy but I don't buy them often. While they are good I don't think they are good enough to justify the price.

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  • abeena By  abeena    

    Late night treat.

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  • xaveria2 By  xaveria2    

    Chocolate yumminess on a stick. Heavenly smooth chocolate coating.

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    When I am watching my calories, I love to eat skinny cow

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  • kellibliss By  kellibliss    

    these are so good! I just hate how they melt really fast from the super market to home. But I eat them still anyways when they have melted. Just refreeze them and they are good to go

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  • KathyCouponer By  KathyCouponer    

    Being lactose intolerant I rarely buy ice cream and when I do it's mostly Breyers. However, I had a coupon for Skinney Cow Ice Cream Bars and they were on sale so I purchased the Truffle Ice Cream Bars. They were delicious; very cream and low in calories (I've been on a diet so that helped). When I want a treat this summer I'll be reaching for this.

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  • laceyhodge By  laceyhodge    

    These chocolate bars are really really good! I love Skinny Cow ice cream, a little pricey unless you can find them on sale. They don't taste like they are low calorie and are a pretty good size, not too small. Yum

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  • april_ilo By  april_ilo    

    OHHH>>>these are soooo good!!! Hide them in your freezer and have them when you have your "mommy quiet time" mmmmmmmm!!!

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  • lanichelle By  lanichelle    

    I love the truffle bars, as does my picky husband and trying to get him eat anything that even looks healthy can be a challenge. They're creamy & rich, making them perfect for a summer day :)

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  • paramom By  paramom    

    Didn't much care for this. They looked much richer and far more decadent than they tasted

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  • Lizzlebit By  Lizzlebit    

    Very yummy! If you love these you'll love the white mint!! I love that these bars are low calorie (only 100 cals) and are a great treat even if you are dieting b/c they aren't overly indulgent.

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  • jupitergrl By  jupitergrl    

    These are absolutely delicious. The Skinny Cow line is my favorite ice-cream snack brand. The chocolate truffle bars are decadent and silky, you don't even feel like you're dieting! I only wish they weren't quite so pricey.

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  • sugarnurgastank By  sugarnurgastank    

    These were so tasty! I can't believe that they are only 100 calories!!!! :)

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  • marshalow By  marshalow    

    So yummy! wanted to eat the whole box!! but had to share!

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  • ashley924 By  ashley924    

    I love all of Skinny Cow's products! They taste amazing and are lower in calories than other ice cream. Definitely worth the price!

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