Angel Food Ministries Basic Box

Angel Food Ministries Basic Box

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Angel Food is a great program! Granted sometimes the products offered aren't always your favorite, but its a great value for well rounded meals on a budget!

Angel food is a wonderful service. I have seen how it has helped out those on very tight budgets. Thanks, Angel food !!!

We have been using Angel Food for 6 months now. The food is very good and the vegetable box is exceptional...always fresh produce. This is a wonderful service.

Love the variety, quality, and quantity of food. And love that it is a ministry that isn't overbearing yet still offers an opportunity for anyone seeking a relationship with the Lord. No pressure though.

I have made a monthly donation to Angel Food Ministries since January 2010. My donation is made anonymously. The food goes to someone living on a fixed income with medical expenses that make it difficult for them to stretch their income to cover day to day expenses. Wonderful program.

I have not had a chance to use Angel Food yet but do get the menu every month. I referred my daughter to them and she has been using them ever since, All the food they get is pack very well and the fruit and veggies and delicious and fresh. All the meals are complete balanced meals and the grandchildren love them. Thanks to Angel Food for being their for people like my daughter and her daughters and grandaughters.

Angel Food Ministries is awesome.. They offer awesome quality food for deeply discounted rates and also complete balance meals. The ministry is awesome and I love there offering of THeme boxes and the idea that you can order as much as you want No limit also, they accept Food Stamp if that is what you have..

I have only bought from Angel Food Minitries several times. I think this is great for families on a budget.

it is great fo familys who are on a tight budget

I absolutely love Angel Food. Our church has been a host site for a little over 2 years now and we have gotten rave reviews from everyone. The food is really good, it's convenient and VERY affordable. They even accept food stamps, which can make a huge impact on a community as well. Nothing i have ever received has been bad, everything tastes good and it is always food that you would probably have bought anyway, steaks, burgers, mexican freezer meals, great variety.

I order from them almost every months, and I am always pleased with what we get. It has helped our budget a lot.

AngelFood is fantastic. It is a wonderful deal and the food is great. I love their regular box and we usually get the fruit and veggie box as well. The pre-frozen senior/convenience meals are a bit bland but unlike other frozen meals they are healthy and not loaded with salt/preservatives. I try to tell everybody I know about Angelfood. I am very glad that Angelfood is around, especially when money is tight.

hey my granny use to do something like this might be the same church group. I think it is excellent.


I have also used the Angel Food Ministries and I must say that it is a wonderful way for a family on a tight budget to get great quality and food for a small price. I would recommed this to anyone that could use a little help with a budget!