CBS Criminal Minds

CBS Criminal Minds

              Rated #13 in Television Shows
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96% Recommended
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Love this show. Has the perfect cast who really plays their roles well. My Wednesday nights are dedicated to Criminal Minds.

Don't know why this show is addictive, but my husband and I can't turn away from the vividly gruesome story lines.

I just started watching this show a couple days ago and so far it is great I hope it keeps the pace up great show.

Good show. It can be a little graphic but I like the stories and the characters. It will keep you guessing.

This is seriously the best show ever!! never get bored

one of my favorites, love the characters and really can't pick a favorite. I have all the seasons on dvd and never miss an episode.

I look forward to watching Criminal Minds every week. Not a show that I would let my kids watch though.

Awesome show!

After hearing all the hype about Criminal Minds, I finally decided to catch a marathon on A&E last year. I have been hooked ever since. With such dilemma's that could possibly be faced in today's society, it keeps you on your toes. & the actors are excellent! Hands down one of my favorite shows on TV, reruns or not.

My favorite show on TV!!!

Such a thinking show! I love a show that challenges me every now and then to actually follow the plot and try and figure out who done it! It can get very gruesome and disturbing, so not for the mild and meek.

Wonderful show! I love all of the characters!

I LOVE THIS SHOW ! This is my #1 favorite show. I don't want TV much at all, but I always watch Criminal Minds, even the late nite,early am reruns. Every actor is terrific. I love how Reid is "growing up" and given more intense roles. I miss JJ but maybe she'll be back. Even though I'm a senior citizen I have to say, EVERY male on the team is a hottie

I used to never miss an episode and dvr'd even the reruns. It used to be my favorite. I'd give it 5 stars before mandy patinkin left the show, but not now. Plus it's gotten way too bloody, gory and violent for me.

I love this show but I'm very disappointed they have gotten rid of the character JJ.