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  • Belleofthelight By  Belleofthelight    

    Trusted Ingredients

    Clinique products can be trusted to be sensitive to skin. The company has a long reputation for using the best ingredients without harsh chemicals. It's worth a trip to the department store versus convenient local pharmacy if it means you're doing better for your skin.

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  • Mmartin3293 By  Mmartin3293    

    I LOVE Clinique products, this is such a great one! It works for most skin types- makes my skin super soft, smooth, and moisturized without making it feel oily or greasy. A little more pricey but worth it in the end! Great product- highly recommend it!

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  • Eileenie By  Eileenie    

    One of my favorite moisturizers from Clinique. It's so light and non greasy yet hydrating and plumps up your skin.

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  • Espy2187 By  Espy2187    

    I'm not a fan of moisturizers or anything for my face really. But this moisturizer makes my face feel so amazing and fresh. I love how my name sits so well. I seriously love it !

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  • Vampirezamakeup1383 By  Vampirezamakeup1383    

    I like very much quite liquid Foundation is is to apply it with a sponge, it fascinates me as it leaves my face when I wear it, it is quite copulating and lasting.

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  • Egritter By  Egritter    

    Love it. Especially great in the winter when my skin is dry

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  • pinktaps By  pinktaps    

    soft skin

    I love this moisturizer and the way it leaves your skin not greasy. A cool gel that cools your skin down. Works wonder if u have dry skin which I do. I recommend it to anyone that would like to try it and see the results for themselves.

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  • alyssamos By  alyssamos    

    love it!

    i put this on every night and wake up to soft and smooth skin i love it!

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  • drosenheck By  drosenheck    

    Very good and moisturizing cream. I used this during the day for my oily combination skin under the foundation. This gel left the dry parts of my skin smooth. I also used it for my under eyes and noticed smoother lines and plumpness. It was a bit lightweight for my dry areas but overall a good product. I can recommend this product.

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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    

    Softer by mourning

    THIS IS PERFECT to transforms your face overnight from dry to Dewey.Even works with my oily/ combination completion and does not break me out. Old special event overnight mask.

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  • BiancaYvette By  BiancaYvette    

    My skin thanks me when i ise this stuff... so will you!

    During the winter time my skin gets really dry amd flaky and this stuff works miracles on my skin. I'll exfoliate gently first then moisturize my face with this stuff! My skin sucks it all up and thanks me after! This is a bit pricey but it's definitely worth the splurge! Treat yourself!!! Wont regret it

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  • Peachfrutea By  Peachfrutea    

    Love love love

    I have combination skin with normal cheeks and oily t zone and forehead. I loooove the feeling of this moisturizer. Its so smooth and refreshing,it soaks right in. It's light and not heavy! Makeup slides on. It serves as a primer for me as well. It's hard for me to finish moisturizers since I'm constantly buying new ones but i actually managed to finish this one. The only down thing is that it's in a jar and I'm not really a big fan on skincare in a jar but I overlook it since the product is amazing. I will mention that during winter time I'll opt for a heavier moisturizer since my skin is drier during winter but during non winter seasons this is perfect. Definitely will repurchase.

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  • mango55 By  mango55    

    my favorite

    ive been using this for years (30+) and it has never failed me

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  • Atabanana29 By  Atabanana29    


    I really, really love this! It makes my skin feel fantastic!

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  • Nightingale16 By  Nightingale16    


    This moisturizer has a cool, gel consistency. I used it during the winter under my usual cream and found it to help my dry winter skin. For the summer, this product can work on its own, plus it's cooling and refreshing for the hot days of the season. I am a woman with normal skin and do not experience extreme dryness whatsoever. However, I have a sister who has very stubborn dry patches. This gel helps her calm those patches without looking like she dipped her face in grease lol.

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