Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

Vitaminwater 10 Calorie

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I am a dragon fruit LOVER!! I SURVIVED ON THESE DURING MY 9 MONTHS PREGNANCY.. I cudnt drink water!!!! I used to puke till the day I delivered.. The only liquid I cud tk was the Vitamin water

This water comes in many flavors. I like the dragon fruit best but the others are good too. Very refreshing and tastes better then most of the sports drinks i've tasted. I grab one every once in awhile when i'm in line at the grocery store.

I love the flavors and grab one once in awhile when out and about. A bit expensive, would buy more often if it was cheaper.

Vitamin water is great. I love Dragonfruit. It is refreshing and taste good.

I love Vitamin Water! It tastes great, but it's still hydrating!

Honestly the more exotic flavors lack taste. It's not what you'd expect when it says ''Dragon fruit'' or ''Passion fruit''. I guess it's okay to be only 10 calories. I don't recommend this for kids. It's quite bland.

I've tried 2 different flavors and both were pretty bad. Will not try anymore.

this vitamin water is delicious and comes in many different flavors! I would drink this every day!

I tried once this product was ok for me

its so delicious. i love the red one the best. but other than that i dont think it gives me energy when i work out.

I do not like Vitamin Water at all. I can't figure out why it sells so well,makes no sense.

I've tried Vitamin water many times and I just don't think it has much flavor at all. Not a fan.

There are different flavors offered, which I think is a main concern most people have. The taste is good, and its only got 10 calories! What woman doesn't like a drink like that!!!???

Ive only tried this once and its kinda bland. I ddnt really like the taste on the other hand by husband loves it.

Bought a case of this and threw most of it out. Tastes super sweet and fake. Yuck!