Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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Nice way to rent The have a decent selection and you cant beat the price

Love Redbox. Wonderful cheap way to have a movie night.

Hmmm Used it a lot 3-5 years ago and kind of fizzled out when reality tv kicked in AND the option to wait a little longer and the movie would hit cable. Not a big movie fan either. It does help when traveling, relocating etc.

I have the app and get the emails so I get free nights often. I don't have cable I stream tv only so it's nice to have an inexpensive way to see fairly new movies! Also I like how I don't have to return to the same place I pick up.

Redbox makes renting movies pretty easy and there are usually codes for free or discounted movies, so that makes it even better. My only complaint is that the selection of movies is not always great.

Renting from Redbox is quick and convenient. There usually are coupon codes available online which I like to take advantage of. The only disappointing thing is, it takes a while for Redbox to receive new releases. Overall I like using Redbox.

I've always had a great experience with redbox, from their selection to their customer support, haven't had a negative experience yet.

I only gave it 4 starts because I always forget to return them and end up paying more than I should, and sometimes their boxes are full and cant accept returns. But other than that you can usually find one on every corner and I like that I can go online and reserve a movie so that I don't have to drive around searching for it. I joined for their point system and have already earned a free movie. I also get text alerts and emails with coupon codes.

We use this a lot. You can sign up for their text messages and receive messages for free video rentals. In my area their doesn't seem to be enough Redbox locations.

I love it. Great locations, easy to do, if there are problems they have great customer service.

I love redbox. It is so convenient to use the app to reserve a movie and then go pick it up. There are several locations within a few miles of me, so it is rare to not be able to find what I want. I belong to the email, text, twitter and instagram for redbox and get codes for free or reduced movies pretty much weekly. I also like the points program they have that gives you points for each rental.

I use RedBox often, It is not asa convenient as ordering a rental on line if you are able. if you can not order movies off the tv or gaming system then RedBox is an excellent and less expensive way to rent movies

We use this all the time. You can sign up for free rentals.

I love red box! its just so great to go and choose a movie or 2 to bring home for the night. Plus the prices are great. I am apart of the red box reward program so afterso many points i get a free rental.

Very convenient and easy to use. The only issue I have with Red Box is it takes several swipes to use the credit card reader and I'm always concerned it will charge more then once. I have used @ various locations and all credit card readers take several swipes at times I am ready to give up and go home but then one of my children will attempt it and after several tries it works.