Red Box DVD Rentals

Red Box DVD Rentals

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I love being able to rent movies at RedBox!! They seem to have all the new releases and the convenience it the greatest. The price of one dollar per night is the best!!

We do this quite often...nice to come home after grocery shopping and watch a movie w/ my family on a friday night!

I like Red Box, I use it as a supplement for my Netflix subscription or when I want a new DVD fast. I am a member of their insiders club, which is free, and I get a text message every monday with a code for a free one night rental from red box. If this is something you use often, give it a try.

My family and I really enjoy useing redbox, it fast and easy. You can check out whats there online before you even leave your home. :)

Luv red box ! so convieniant for a busy mom .. no big lines just pull up & go ! I would recommend Red Box ...

I am so hooked on Redbox. I think this is the greatest form of movie rental invented!!

Wondering why they didn't come out with this sooner. Love it. It's nice to be able to rent something for only a $1 (plus taxes) and it has wonderful selections of movies as well. My husband and I visit it often. They'll even have free codes every once in awhile (who doesn't like freebees!). The machine is easy to use and it's just as easy to return. You can go online and reserve a movie even! The only thing is remembering it has to be returned by 9pm the next day or you'll get charge another dollar. It's a must!

Great option for those of us who don't always remember to turn in rentals on time. A dollar a day, keep it as long as I like with no late fees? Great option.

Great price for entertainment on a budget. Convient and we like to watch movies at home..Perfect.. and no monthly fee.

Seriously the best invention. No going in and signing up at stores. Easy access and only $1. Since this has been available, I haven't been to a conventional vidoe rental store.

I love Redbox! It's quick, easy and inexpensive. I also really like the reserve online option it's a great way to ensure the movie you are wanting to watch is there waiting for you.

Whoever invented this concept is a genius! I can rent a movie on the way home from work, pay only a dollar - A DOLLAR! - and return it to a DIFFERENT box the next day. Brilliant! I LOVE this idea!

I love the Redbox. I really love the online feature that allows you to find your movie & place it on hold. This keeps me from running all over town to find the movie I want.

I love Red Box! I really like the fact that I can reserve movies during the day and them pick the up on my way home. Then I don't have to wonder which box might have what I want. I also think that it is great I can return them to any Red Box. I also find it nice that the stores that have a Red Box will give out free rentals!

It is a great value and convenient. I love it. This is much better then going to the video store, no wonder Blockbuster is in bankruptcy.