Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

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I really liked the way it plumped my eyelashes but I did not like how it wore over the day. I have oily skin and this mascara tend to run and smudge so by the end of the day it was almost gone from my eyelashes. I wore it once in the rain and I had mascara running down my face.

not my first or second choice, but this stuffs not bad. Im pretty good at replacing mascara before the three month mark, but I only got about 6 weeks out of the tube before it started getting globby on me. other than that, it was great!

Overall I think this mascara is pretty average. I just was not the biggest fan

I like this mascara but the fakies and one by one are better. This one though, give you a full, dramatic look. Mine didn't smell bad but it dried up quick

Great product

This is a good product the price but I can never tell the difference in my lashes after applying this mascara. I can tell that I have mascara on but there is no immediate difference noticed.

Maybelline makes some of my favorite mascaras, but this is the one that disappointed me. The formula was too wet and it weighed my lashes down after one coat. It does build up nicely and adds volume to your bottom lashes though.

This is not the best mascara for me, but work just fine.

This mascara is ok, but it gets a little clumpy.

A little too thick for me, had to wipe the excess off.

I loved this mascara, however once I repurchased the formula was much thinner.

This mascara was okay to me but I won't be buying it again. It clumped so much the first 3-4 weeks I was using it and after that it got better but I always had to work with it a bit too much. I even used a different mascara to help "smooth" it out and that made the look much better.

This is an okay mascara all though, I do believe Maybelline has a lot of others that are soo much better. Such as the maybelline falsies or the falsies flared but this one is okay.

This mascara I wasn't very impressed with. I didn't like the brush very much and I found that it flaked throughout the day. It was also a mess trying to take off since I had traveled and left my eye makeup remover at home. I may give it another chance, but for now there are many others I prefer.

while this is not my favorite mascara all time it does work as a back up. the brush is very nice and big in this tube and seemed to last all day.