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  • tanyacook By  tanyacook    

    I'm all about saving space in our little home. This chair straps onto any standard dining chair which is great. It is adjustable from infants to toddlers. Great product for the price!

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  • 3Words By  3Words    

    We chose to get this instead of a normal highchair because we could place it on a dining room chair and it would not take up as much space. We were very happy with our decision and have since passed this on to my mother-in-law to have at her house for my nieces. We were able to easily use this in our dining room and then unhooked it from the chair and took it with us when we traveled or camped. He appeared more comfortable at meal time sitting in something familiar while in an unfamiliar place.

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  • krr819645 By  krr819645    

    I like these high chair because you can take them with you anywhere you need to go and even to grandparents house and it is easy to take..I like how the kids feel like they are sitting at the table instead of they own place and it made my friends little boy feel special...

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  • dehner1 By  dehner1    

    Great space saver. PLus easy to take with you when visiting friends and family.

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  • MFriend By  MFriend    

    I love the look of this and how little space it takes up.

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  • mamomof2 By  mamomof2    

    my daughter had one of these, it was given to her, and she LOVED it. she doesnt use it much anymore, as she likes to sit on a regular chair even though shes not 3 yet

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  • samduley By  samduley    

    I've been looking at a chair similar to this for my grand-daughter. I love all the reviews and think this would be perfect for her for when she visits...which is almost everyday. Thanks for all the reviews, it has really helped !!

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  • akearney By  akearney    

    This product is great, it saves space and is so easy to clean and throw in the car to take with to someones house. We always try to tell people to get one of these instead of a full size high chair that takes up a ton of space.

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  • jgarbo By  jgarbo    

    A Great Product! One of the best purchases we made when our daughter was born. It travels well - is easy to use - and it is seemingly indestructable! Only detraction is that it is difficult to wash - but it is worth it.

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  • mommyslittleangel By  mommyslittleangel    

    That would be so good for my baby the one he has is so big it takes up alot of space, and it is so great that it last till 4 yrs.

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  • jhmommy By  jhmommy    

    We got one of these for my son's baby shower and we loved it! We had a small kitchen, and it didn't take up much room at all!

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  • aprilfoolstwins By  aprilfoolstwins    

    Received this as a gift and Love it! I have twins so it saves me space in my smallish kitchen. Lots better then having two big high chairs in there. And it adjusts and tilts for infants on up to toddlers. Perfect!

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  • writerbecky12 By  writerbecky12    

    Perfect option if you're not looking for a highchair that takes up a ton of space!!

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  • Maxstilllovesyou By  Maxstilllovesyou    

    nice product of fp

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  • CharityMcD By  CharityMcD    

    Whether you're short on space or just want to save money, this highchair is for you. It attaches directly to a chair with two wide, sturdy straps that tighten easily and don't come loose. The base height is adjustable so you can pull the chair under or over the lip of the table. The whole shell reclines so you can feed an infant who can't sit up yet, and the tray adjusts so it is always level. The five point harness is easy to adjust and be made to accommodate any baby. When only a booster is needed, the back shell and the shoulder straps can be removed for your toddler. The tray removes with one hand to easily place baby in. A quick swipe with a baby wipe after a feeding cleans the seat and tray fast. Perfect for birth to 4 years.

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