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  • MaryReview By  MaryReview    

    my little dog is really picky but for some reason loves these! It helps a lot too!

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  • licorice By  licorice    

    They work. Not as good as taking her in to have the vet to it though.

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  • Chelseaecardwell By  Chelseaecardwell    

    My dogs really enjoy these treats. It does help with their dog breath, but I'm not too sure on the benefits of dental health yet as we've only used these for a couple of weeks. I do like the fact that they come in different sizes for each of my animals, as we have cats too. I usually can find these at my local Wal-Mart for around four bucks, but if you're able to shop at a Commissary, you can find a great deal on them there.

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  • jjmom430 By  jjmom430    

    They are pretty pricey considering the size however I will say this,they do everything that they claim to do which a lot of products do not unfortunately.My babies love them but my babies are a Lab/ terrier and Lab/ Shepard mix so I can not really afford to buy the amount of Greenies that they would like.About once a mouth when I'm standing at the checkout in the pet store I will pick up a few of them.Overall I would say they are a good product though.

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  • frugal4life By  frugal4life    

    My dog loves these. His teeth r so clean and white. He has a sensitive stomach yet these have never bothered him.

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  • Sunnysnowflake By  Sunnysnowflake    

    My Bichon loves these! They help with his breath. They keep him occupied for a few minutes and they done break his teeth. He loves them and so do we.

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  • chantalsaldana By  chantalsaldana    

    Both of my dogs love these. There the perfect size and actually do a very good job about doggy breath and cleaning their teeth. Once a week is more than enough and they beg for more. You get what you pay for.

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  • kevsma By  kevsma    

    My dog loves these. He always takes it to bed with him. Just lays down with it for awhile and sniffs it (kind of reminds me of my kids sniffing pie just out of the oven). Good for preventing boredom, good for the teeth and just good for plane old sniffing.

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  • shelly3282 By  shelly3282    

    These are great. Not only do we brush their teeth, but we needed something else to break up the yellow tarter that kept coming back. This is great.

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  • mslejean By  mslejean    

    Yes, but not every day. Our jrt loves them, does not throw them up, and they really help with her breath. Her teeth are also a lot cleaner, as she squirms her way out of teeth brushing. But she does have a sensitive stomach. So we sometimes break them in half, or skip a day or two. Seems to work better than any other tooth chews.

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  • jamie059 By  jamie059    

    I dont like this product. My dogs choke on the small pieces

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  • joytohave By  joytohave    

    They do an ok job on the dental hygiene . My uncle gives these to his maltese mix daily. Well about a month ago she had to have surgery. These did not digest and were blocking her intestine. Just be careful over feeding them.

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  • thriftysoul By  thriftysoul    

    These are a wonderful product and my furbabies love them. They come in a size perfect for any dog or cat. They even helped with the bad breath due to bad teeth on my Maltese, a breed known for dental problems (mine was no exception). The only problem is, they are hideously expensive! If it wasn't for the price being so high, I'd rate them 5 stars.

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  • meditationmama By  meditationmama    

    Has helped my dog with his "dog breath". Will continue to buy this product.

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  • jesleigh By  jesleigh    

    While our little guy absolutely loves treats, they don't do much for his puppy breath. Until now. Little greenies are a treat for both dog and owner. Moses loves 'em and I love that they help put an end to puppy breath.

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