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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    great ideas

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  • Reyesm By  Reyesm    

    Love it and love their recipes

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  • trayce13 By  trayce13    

    I love taste of home been a subscriber for over 10 years. I do'nt think I've ever make a recipe from them, That I would'nt give 4.5 stars too

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  • kthomas By  kthomas    

    my second most favorite magazine ever !

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  • yamagirl By  yamagirl    

    This is one of my all time favorite magazines for halloween thanksgiving and christmas !!

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  • DEmomof2 By  DEmomof2    

    Love the recipes in this magazine. I also like that they show you what it will look like. Yummy, delicious foods that are pretty easy to make yourself.

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  • mindykay76 By  mindykay76    

    This is a great magazine! It is fully of really good recipes that my family has truely enjoyed.

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    What a magazine! I love it! The articles, the recepies. . . .! My month is not complete without making at least one dish from the recepies supplied. We have a "lunch day" at work once a month, and I take something from the magazine and no one has been disappointed yet.

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  • joy9281 By  joy9281    

    This has been my favorite magazine since I was a young girl. My Grandmother used to subscribe to it for years and I loved to look at it when I was ver at her house. We would always help her look for the hidden object for the contest each month. She passed away about 6 years ago and since then I subscribe to it myself every year because I still love it & the wonderful memories it brings back of her.

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  • pokergirl By  pokergirl    

    This is my favorite food magazine. It has great recipes with real ingrediants. Unlike some others that call for things Iv'e never even heard of. It has a lot of comfort food which I love. There is also a great sister magazine called Simple and Delicious and it is just as good. Iv'e been getting them both for years and I still look forward to receiving them. Great ideas for holiday cooking too.

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  • MistyRain_29 By  MistyRain_29    

    I love this magazine. I go to cooking school so to look in a magazine and cooking the dishes and adding what i have learned in Le Cordon Bleu, in Dallas, Tx makes the dish even better. Also, the remodeled kicthens make me want to get my own house so i can do what i want to my kitchen.

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  • olivialamaestra By  olivialamaestra    

    I got a free one in the mail, not really sure why. I liked it. the recipes were pretty easy to follow. I didn't order it though. I already get too many magazines.

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  • angela1s By  angela1s    

    I love this magazine. It is worth it just for the recipes alone.

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  • whipsy By  whipsy    

    Have recipies that are excellent and easy to find the ingredients.

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  • Desteak By  Desteak    

    I loved the magazine. The remodeled kitchens were wonderful and the gardens were amazing. It helps me escape a busy day to be able to picture myself in one of those amazing gardens!

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