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  • jkilla By  jkilla    

    I received this razor in the mail for free in exchange for my honest opinion. I've been using it almost daily for the past month or so. I normally use cheap, disposables so the first thing I noticed was the difference in weight. It's noticeably heavier and the handle is much thicker. I liked that much better - I felt like I had more control. The entire handle is rubber which makes gripping it much better. No unexpected slips or turns from wet hands! One thing I didn't like is the placement of the button for the trimmer. I have inadvertently pushed it while shaving multiple times. It startled me each time I did it, and one time I cut myself as a result of it. I haven't cut myself shaving in at least 14+ years! The razor itself has 5 blades. I noticed it gets all the hairs in one pass! They're surrounded by plastic though I'm not sure what purpose that's supposed to serve. I wish it wasn't there - I feel like it makes it more difficult to get to smaller nooks & crannies. The moisture strip is great and still going strong after a month. The trimmer itself was a let-down. The white cap allows for multiple lengths, but they are all too long. I took it off altogether and the trimmer was still subpar. I had to go over the same spot multiple times just to see it still leave most of the hair untouched. I think maybe it was due to my hair "down there" not being long enough to fully appreciate it's use. I asked my husband to try it since he was due for a trim anyway. It worked much better for him even with the white cap on. He said it was too much work to use and he could just use a pair of scissors to do the same thing in less than half the time. Overall: Pro's: great razor, high quality moisture strip, rubber handle Con's: trimmer too easily to unknowingly activate, trimmer more trouble than it's worth, plastic "bumper" surrounding razor blades

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  • Melanie_Christensen By  Melanie_Christensen    

    I love this razor, helps keep my down there area nice and neat.

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  • bjen0480 By  bjen0480    

    Great concept but if you want a super close bikini shave, the trimmer is not for you. After using the trimmer, I still have the equivalent of a "5 0'clock shadow". However, I turn it on and use the regular razor side. The vibrations give the razor an even closer/smoother shave. I was able to get my legs with one swipe instead of going over several times. Also, the size is a little bulky and takes some getting used to. Not sure if I would spend the money to purchase this one. I would recommend it, but with my words of "caution"

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  • nightowl85 By  nightowl85    

    I've used this razor for over a year now. The normal razor works great. The trimmer is ok, but the batteries don't last very long in it, and I've noticed it dosent work as well as it used to.

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    The trimmer is an excellent idea. Love it!

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  • Chica3me By  Chica3me    

    I love this gadget! I don't use the razor side but I've had this fir over 2 years and it still works great!

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  • alwaysblabbing By  alwaysblabbing    

    The razor does not give a very close shave in fact I never use the razor. BUT the bikini trimmer is GREAT I love using it. The only problem is the blades on the trimmer go dull after a few months and you have to buy another razor.

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  • kristivan By  kristivan    

    The razor was great... while it lasted. It gives a good close shave and the trimmer worked wonders.But, after a few months it quit working. I put in a new battery and it still wouldn't work. I didn't bother buying another one after this.

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  • Melissa_1 By  Melissa_1    

    I really like this product. I did take the guard off for a closer shave every time I used it. The problem that I had is after about 2-3 months the trimmer died. I thought it was the batteries and changed them and still did not work.

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  • ClaudiaG125 By  ClaudiaG125    

    Considering its only $10, it is not bad. I am on my second one now and my last one lasted me about a year. I simply did not leave it in the shower, I took it in when I needed it and then dried it off and stored it in my room until the next use. My last one started malfunctioning once I stopped taking it away with me and just left it in the shower all the time. Before I had this model I used another that cost the same but another brand and it did not last nearly as long nor did it have the same quality blades. The razor with 4 blades is always nice too :) I feel like its a bonus :P

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  • THauge By  THauge    

    The razor is great. I always get a close, smooth shave using it. The trimmer is a little disappointing however. I would love to get a closer trim and I would love it if the trimmer blade was replaceable. After a while the trimmer blades just don't do a great job.

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  • vanessd By  vanessd    

    Love the personal trimmer option with this razor, but the trimmer seems to malfunction after 5-6 months. I have been through 2 in the past year. Much closer shave if you take the cover off the trimmer, but use caution to avoid nicking skin.

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  • MissB22 By  MissB22    

    I like the actual quattro razor, but the trimmer was incredibly diappointing. Save your money and just get the regular razor.

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  • sephoraluver75 By  sephoraluver75    

    looked for a replacement for Gillette Mach razors, great big no go :(

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  • devonvida By  devonvida    

    The concept of this product is great! With four blades and an attached trimmer it should make shaving a much easier experience. If you're going off the convenience factor it does exactly what it is supposed to do. When it came to performance though, it totally missed the mark. The shave is not very close from the razor or the trimmer, and the four blades dulled faster than I would have liked. It seems to me like the Mens Schick Quattro razors give a much closer shave, which is weird since they're made by the same company. Women with lighter and less dense hair would probably have good luck with it. This would also make a great thing to pack for a trip! It's much more compact than a trimmer and razors. But, if you have coarse or thick hair this would not make a good "go-to" product for your every day shaving needs; the results just aren't as good as a regular trimmer and a higher quality four blade razor.

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