Rubbermaid Stackable Food Canisters

Rubbermaid Stackable Food Canisters

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Love. Love. LOVE. i literally LOVE these containers! My boyfriend is clumsy so he drops and breaks everything!! NOT THESE CONTAINERS! They are literally the only objects that can survive my husbands' "hands-of-sudden-death" lol.

Simple designs often work the best & these containers are proof of that! They seal in freshness, but are not difficult to open. Also reasonably priced. I took off one star because I can't seem to buy individual sizes, only sets.

Storage that stays fresh We've used these for years to store grains and rice noodles. They have stood the test of time. The seal is tight, so things do stay fresh.

Rubbermaid Stackables These handy containers keep your food fresh and air tight.

Storage container I use these containers for my dry items--flour, sugar, rice, and pasta. I like that they are easy to open and keep my items dry. It is easy to measure straight out of the container.

healthy food items It seems that there are so many healthy food items available in the containers. If i am not wrong these are cookies. Visit my web-page to get to know more about it. My web-page is

Faster way putting food away I really like the Rubbermaid stackables it is easier to put food away

YES!! saves space, and sleek in design! a definate must for your kitchen!

I have a ton of these in my home. They are awesome. They are very durable easy to clean and priced very well. I love how the kids lock right to the container so you don't lose anything. Much needed item for the home

My best friend! I love Rubbermaid products, the only type I use and trust. I can throw them in the dishwasher and they come out perfect.

Wonderful. Love Rubbermaid. I love the Versatility of their products. Fantastic. Use them in the kitchen, for storage, for crafts. I have a label maker and use these for so many things.

These containers stack so nicely! They are easy to clean, the lids stay on and they look very nice in my kitchen cupboards. They are not cheap plastic, which I love because the food I store in them does not have a plastic taste!

Rubbermaid is made for me! Rubbermaid containers are so versatile. The quality is great and affordable, it's not just for storing food. If you love crafts like I do, these containers can be used to keep your items organized. Rubbermaid has earned it's reputation for designing containers that are durable and useful for my kitchen, my craft office, and my garage.

Perfect These are really good containers. They are a lot nicer than the "Durables" line and are BPA-free (which is important to me because I have small children*). Mine get sent to preschool and are run through microwave and dishwasher almost daily and show very little sign of wear. The lid stacking is nice but unless your space is really limited I wouldn't call it a big selling point. The only bad thing I can say is that they can stain when you put tomato sauce in them (like most plastic food storage products).

Im not a big fan of these containers. The inside of them, when new, have that strong plasticky smell. I wish I had purchased glass storage containers. Plastic picks up the smell of your food that you store in it too and it is hard to get the smell out. I am not a fan of these containers.