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  • MiEliDavis By  MiEliDavis    

    I use this for multiple different things. I think it is very versatile!

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  • dslasvegas By  dslasvegas    

    I will never go back to the old saran wrap.....this is wonderful!

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  • maroonedonmars By  maroonedonmars    

    I prefer this over saran wrap any day. It actually sticks, but comes off without ruining the plastic so you can reuse it. Also, I read somewhere that the plastic they use in the cling wrap is safer than saran wrap (in terms of cancer-causing chemicals).

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  • Rnkmom By  Rnkmom    

    glad wrap works really well to ceramics and glass...not so much to metal though but I will continue using glad wrap.

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  • tngal39 By  tngal39    

    Best brand and price is good too!

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  • caglefour By  caglefour    

    I swear by the cling wrap... You can use it on plastic and I love that. I have used this for many years and wouldnt have it any other way. I love it when it comes in holiday colors.

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  • ajv1275 By  ajv1275    

    I'm currently using this and it"s been great so leaks or mess!

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  • gjersey By  gjersey    

    This is the ONLY plastic wrap I'll buy. Microwave safe, and clings to the bowl. Great for the kids' sandwiches, too!

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  • goinggreener By  goinggreener    

    This is the best product. Especially the price is great.

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  • dragonflies By  dragonflies    

    I do not like the glad wrap. I have tried it time after time and it just doesn't hold up the the brand that I use.

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  • sarah13865 By  sarah13865    

    I love this product, especially when freezing leftovers. It is stronger than regular plastic wrap, and keeps the leftovers from getting moisture crystals in.

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