Motrin Children's Motrin

Motrin Children's Motrin

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Works fast to relieve teathing pain and swelling of the gums

Not only is Motrin the choice I've made for my four children as the BEST for pain and to reduce fevers, my pediatrician uses it also. It works quicker than anything else I've tried.

I used to give my children tylenol, but after I discovered motrin, that's all I use. It lasts longer so you don't have to give them as many doses.

Great product and tastes good for kids. I always have some in stock at home and at grandmas.

LOVE children's motrin. #1 in our family

I would use this over tyenol anyday..tyenol has too many recalls. It works great!

Motrin lasts longer than Tylenol. It's a trusted brand in our household when my children are uncomfortable.

again i love this product it long acting and is especially helpful with keeping those fevers and teething pain away for some time

Motrin is a very good product. When my son is ill or feverish I will give him a dose of Motrin two times in a row and then switch to a dose of Tylenol and then go back to Motrin for the next dose.

I use the infant brand because my 9 month old is teething. Works much better than Tylenol and tastes great too! I give this to her prior to bed and she sleeps right through the night. Definitely recommend!

This is a great product to have on hand. It works great without making my kids sleepy. Great product.

My preferred brand

My kids love the taste and it works fast!!! It also helps all those aches and pains kids get when not feeling well, or for pain associated with sprains of the ankle, etc. my kids get riding and falling on their bikes, skating, etc. I love this is always in my cabinet!!

I could always count on this to help my children with their fevers it is what always helped my kids....Thank god i had it on hand one time when my child got cat scratch fever he spiked to 104 and was rushed to hosptial but the motrin helped him so much...

I used Motrin with my son and now my daughter also. It always dropped their fever and helped alleviate their pain. Thank You Motrin!!