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Sometimes it drives me crazy, but what can I say I'm addicted. It's a very nice way to stay in touch with everyone considering I just moved to a different state.

I used to love Facebook. It's still ok to keep up with family and friends but it's horrible for small businesses. Unlike huge corporations, small businesses can't afford to lay out $20 PER POST like a big company can, so small business pages don't get seen on the pages of our followers. When Facebook came up with that idea, it was a major FAIL!

Nice to keep up with family and friends

I like being able to keep up with what's going on with friends and family I don't have any contact with regularly otherwise. I hate how they keep changing things, and the privacy settings, and the advertisements. I have a small business with a business page and they've changed that formula also, so now hardly anyone sees what I post anymore.

I can't stand facebook. I have an account but don't use it. I get so sick of seeing people posting about how they have a cold or they bumped their knee and now it hurts. Who cares? There really is no use for facebook except for people to post stupid stuff about themselves.

I used to love Facebook. Now they changes something almost daily. Still is nice to keep in touch with long distance family and friends.

I would say that I like Facebook. It's nice to be able to chat with your friends that are far away. For free too! Games are fun and addicting too. It's a good way to make several hours fly by! They are always changing everything though. Just when I get used to something they do something different and then I have to get used to it all over again...

I like facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. It is very addicting and sometimes it's just nice to play around on facebook!

I really hate how crappy the privacy settings have become. It's horrible not to offer better privacy protection services.

Its not for everyone BUT I like it

Facebook is easy to use, and allows you to keep in touch with friends that you might not get to see often and share pictures.

Keeps me close to my friends and family

I enjoy finding out about friends, family, and products. I spend entirely way too much time on this site. I do not like how they organize my news feed, but it is just a small inconvenience.

Facebook keeps me connected in my busy schedule. I also probably waste more time on this site than I should, but it is a great way to communicate and catch up with friends.

I love making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends and family throught Facebook.