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  • zekthezookeeper By  zekthezookeeper    

    I like the flavor mixes that they offer. It always seems better when you can have 2 flavors that compliment each other.

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  • lizag2012 By  lizag2012    

    this product is delicious. i love them, my children love them, everyone loves them.

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  • divasundae By  divasundae    

    I think I had the smoked cheddar and monterey jack whatever flavor it was they were amazing! They taste like meat. I was pairing them with pasta and things like that, Forget snacking on them I was eating them like the main course!

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  • Jonealle By  Jonealle    

    My absolute favorite. I thought they would be gross but definitely not, the mix of flavors is fantastic.

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  • mswatkins By  mswatkins    

    I love cheez its but the DUO'S are so good! The flavors are yummy together perfect snack.

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  • sailor_bee By  sailor_bee    

    I love these crackers!! The flavors together are perfect! Two flavors in one snack keeps my taste buds alive :)

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  • kly1490 By  kly1490    

    Love them. The 2 flavors compliment each other very well.

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  • lisalovesyeww By  lisalovesyeww    

    SO YUMMY! this is my favorite!

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  • dianegug By  dianegug    

    I am not really a fan of crackers but my kids love them. They really liked these crackers, the box was gone in just a coupld of days.

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  • Klowe801 By  Klowe801    

    I love the sharp cheddar/monterey jack.

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  • fairy73 By  fairy73    

    I Bought a box of Cheez-it Duoz Sharp cheddar/Parmesan these two flavors combined in one box is so yummy . The flavors just dance on your tongue

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