Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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I absolutely love love love this smelly good spray! I couldn't say one single bad thing about it, it works just as amazingly as the commercials say.

I use Febreeze daily as I have two cats and also like to keep a tidy and fresh smelling home. Overall this is a great product although a few of the scents have been a little too overpowering.

I enjoy buying this item, the smell is wonderful.

Hello mother of four here! I have a baby (diapers) a 7 year old boy (stink factory) a 12 year old boy (dirty socks), and a 14 year old girl who is obsessive about smells! I need a product that over powers boy and baby stink, and leaves things smelling clean and fresh. This product has excellent smell options for every season. I love it for three reasons. Number 1 it is always on sale and there are always coupons, I never pay over $1.a can. Number 2 it removes all types of odors. Number 3 it leaves my house smelling wonderful! You would never know I have four kids if you came in my house wearing ear plugs! :)

Have a stinky teen this is the product for you! Spray the room and the odor is gone. I love it no matter the scent I buy. great price

I love Febreeze! The smells are great.mthe only thing is I wish it lasted longer, but I still but it all the time. Great product.

It smells really good but only stays that way a few minutes

love febreze air effects i spray it on all my upholstered furniture makes them smell fresh and new.

I love the scents they have but they aren't long lasting. I have had longer lasting scents with cheaper air sprays.

I really love febreze. I love the smell, i love the packaging. I wish that the scent would stay longer but it really is worth the money to buy these i always get the 3 pack one.

Love all the smells! Works great!

Gets rid of Oder super fast. And leaves the room smelling super clean and fresh

I love Febreze Air Effects I have one in each room i love how many different scents they have and they have been coming out with even more lately I love that it gets rid of the odors not just covers them up for a few minutes and they are cheap too so i stock up all the time

I have a can of this in three rooms. The family uses it weekly. It smells clean and fresh. At holidays the scents are great too!.

Febreze always smells amazing! I always know I can count on it to not only mask the odors, but eliminate them!