Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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Love it. It works great I think even if I have to spray more then once a day. I always buy it when it on sale so I am stocked up because the price could be a little better.

Love the scents of these products but wished they lasted longer.

The product smells good, but can still smell the bad odor lingering.

This product works alright although I have noticed that it does not remove or cover odors completely. The scents are also a little overpowering.

I live with two boys and a ferret and though these come in great scents and I love them it just doesn't cover up the scent as long as I would like.

feel it smells good but not for long and it just covers up smells .dose not get rid of.

Freshens really foul smelly odor.... HOWEVER, disappointed that it doesn't LAST as long as I would like. I do like how they're are always discounts or coupons to make it a cheap purchase.

I really like the smell of this!

i love this product! it smells wonderful and the scent does remain longer than other products i have used in the past. i will definately continue using and refer this product to others.

Doesn't get rid of odours long term, but I love to use it when I see company pull into the drive and I haven't cleaned up for a while. At least my house wil SMELL clean!

Love these! The Pumpkin Spice scented one is amazing

This air freshener works the best but seems to be quite strong even if you use a small amount. The scents are the best compared to any other brand air freshener Ive use, and the new Gain scent is fantastic!

Great smell that's not over powering!

Thank you frebreez air effects for making my college roommate tolerable! She didn't believe in bathing and you made that semester much better for my nose.

These scents are fantastic and last for quite awhile. I use it all over the house including the closets. Leaves everything smelling fresh and breezy.