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Woman's Day Magazine

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I really enjoy this magazine. It's in my top 5. It has great articles that are practical and interesting for every day life. Not too many ads which is one thing I highly dislike about certain magazines. It's great for women and I would enjoy reading every issue.

Love it!

my mum introduced me to this magazine when i was little.still reading it and enjoying it now that im a mum myself

I remember my mother buying this magazine. For many years I bought it. Now the price has gone beyond what I can spend. I also think the quaility is not as good.

I love this magazine as well. I am often pulling out articles and recipes to keep for future reference. I started reading the magazine after my mother gave me a copy months and months ago, and I have been hooked ever since.

I received a free subscription to this magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find that I thoroughly enjoyed reading from cover to cover. The articles and info are very down to earth and mainstream. Most people can relate. The magazine tries to cover all aspects of a woman's life.

I love this magazine. It has tips on saving money. Also there are tips on losing weight , exercise and other health issues. I also enjoy the fashion and beauty advice. Of course, there are yummy recipes. I always look forward to the next issue.

This is a great magazine. Has super tips and ideas for day to day living and any way we can save money is always welcome.

I love to read the magazine as it gives me new recipes and also ways to save money.The magazine has really changed over the years and it has really gotten better and I save some of them as they are things that I want to do at a later date.

I love this magazine! I am currently putting together some of the organizing ideas as I redo my kids' rooms.

I love Woman's Day Magazine! It is just full of so much information and all the information convers such a wide variety of things... never a dull moment for this magazine!

I have to say that I never thought I would enjoy the Woman's Day magazine. I guess I thought of it more as an older woman's magazine. I just read the April issue cover to cover and can't get over all the wonderful content. There is tons of info inside about saving money, beauty products, children's issues and more. I am very pleasantly surprised by this magazine and look forward to being a subscriber for many years to come.