Tripp NYC Bondage Pants

Tripp NYC Bondage Pants

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I do not like these pants at all. I think they reveal something much more than style, but a BDSM lifestyle, which is the point of all the chains and such. These aren't made for children, but adults who are into those type lifestyles. The pants were actually made popular years ago in videos by being chained up and such. Definitely not for children.

My teens aren't into the "punk/ gothic" look, but rather the preppy one. Even at some high end stores such as Hollister and American Eagle you can get cheaper pants than that.

I think the price is a little over the top but my kids love them! I have a 15 year old son and this is all he will wear. Another thing I dont like about them is the quality of them, he has gone through several pairs over the past year, they rip easily.