Baby Einstein DVDs

Baby Einstein DVDs

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Both of my children love these videos. They seem intrigued by the shapes, colors, and music. My oldest (2.5 yrs) has even started humming along with the music. They are also great for long trips in the car or when you need to shower.

My son has watched the Baby Mozart dvd since he was 3 months old and he is now 13 months and he STILL watches it and loves it! We don't watch it that often, but when we do, he just laughs and coo's!

We had four children in four years and what is so wonderful about these videos...still do this day, is that all 4 of my children will watch these at the same this is the perfect time for me to catch a quick shower or even just chill with them. To this day, we will listen to the cds in the car. We have every single video that Baby Einstein has ever made, even before they sold to Disney. We love each one of them. The kids LOVE the music and the puppets...etc. These are my most favorite and I know give them as gifts to every single baby shower I attend.

We have absolutely every title they make! We LOVE these videos as well! Awesome investment!

I love it, my son has done exceptionally well with these dvd's, his vocabulary grew and they helped him when he first began learning his numbers, I can't say enough good about these Baby Einsten DVD'S.

We Love these vidoe's. They have such great music and are very basic and relaxing for me little one!

My 10 month old son and I enjoy these videos. He watches them during the day and listens to the CD's at night. When he first started watching them I could put the video on and actually have a cup of coffee or eat lunch!

My son was in love with these! I usually put them on for background noise. He would randomly stop playing when something would capture his attention.

My daughter loves this dvd..amazingly she respond..she enjoys colors and images...

My daughter loved these when she was young, she is 6 now and still will occasionally like to watch one. We got rid of most of them last year and about a month later I found out I was pregnant again so I have to start buying them again.

they are very good i have a 5 month old baby girl and she loves these movies

The Baby Einstein dvd's are great. My daughter, who is now 2, loved watching them. (She is slowing starting to grow out of them). I do not think they helped her with colors, numbers, talking, ect though.

We really liked these DVDs - good scaffolding of educational information for little guys!

We had a few when my daughter was little. They held her attention pretty well at first and I can say at 4 now she can read and write.

I think they are okay. I have some but don't feel great about putting my son in front of the tv. I would rather read to him or play with him to teach him. I tend to use them only if I need to keep him distracted for a few minutes so I can cook or shower.