SciFi Ghost Hunters

SciFi Ghost Hunters

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I love this show. Wish I could go with on one of their hauntings.

I love this show but I think that as they have grown the investigations have become harder to believe. They don't debunk as many cases as they once did, but maybe it's because ratings are better when they find something all the time.

I just wish they would really shock us for real instead of playing up the promos and then it being nothing but a spider or something.

I am so obbsessed with the show!! It is the ghost/reality show that i have ever liked.They try to debunk so called hauntings,they don't allways find something i love that.The founders of taps and the crew of ghost hunters seem like down to earth people.

Show is pretty interesting. These guys just bought a "haunted Inn" here in NH! Fun to watch.

I really enjoy this show, but it stinks that it freaks my kids out so we can't watch it at night! My husband thinks its all phooy but I can't help get chills up my spine in some of those creepy places!

Jay and his team of ghost hunters are professionals in the paranormal. The footage they obtain will make anyone a believer.

I have watched these guys since the very first season. They are very professional, and are fun to watch. There were a few shows that kept me up at night! Very creepy!!

This show is ok but i like Ghost Adventurers better.

I feel let down a lot by Ghost Hunters. It always seems they've found real activity, only for the evidence to be debunked or inconclusive.

I usually like shows like this one. However, I found that it doesn't keep my interest. It also may have something to do with how the platform of the show is, which I personally don't care for.

Like the show and the guys but they never seem to "Prove" anything found as real activity, the evidence usually gets debunked or inconclusive.

Didn't like the show.

i love that show also never believed ghost but now i do.