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  • jacquelinesalas By  jacquelinesalas    

    I loved all the details in this movie, it actually used real recipes. it was cute and interesting

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  • monicajwv By  monicajwv    

    Love it

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  • sparklerawker By  sparklerawker    

    this is so cute

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  • leemona83 By  leemona83    

    Another Pixar movie worth watching.

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  • loriejackson24 By  loriejackson24    

    Really cute movies kids and the whole family will enjoy it :-)

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  • kfusco22 By  kfusco22    

    Both my kids and my husband and I all enjoyed this movie! I love spending time with family and this movie was a great way to spend family night!

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  • sarahk928 By  sarahk928    

    Fun for everyone. I love this movie, and definitely cried in it. Men, women, and kids will appreciate this heartwarming, and sometimes icky movie. At the end, I didn't even have a problem with the idea of rats cooking my food!

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  • NycAlicia By  NycAlicia    

    Family friendly and laughs all around.

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  • yamagirl By  yamagirl    

    This is such a great cute funny movie. I work in a doctor office and this is one of the family movies we play.

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  • majesticgoldenrose By  majesticgoldenrose    

    a very cute movie, great for kids and fun for adults

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  • NicoleFlothe By  NicoleFlothe    

    I loved watching all the detail in the animation. The chef and the mouse were so amazingly intricate in cooking the perfect recipe! Kids loved the show too.

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  • shanif2 By  shanif2    

    really cute movie with a really cute and humbling motto to go with it.

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  • shylo3 By  shylo3    

    This was a very cute movie. Pixar makes everything look so real. I use to have a pet rat when I was a kid so I like rats anyway.

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  • murphnm By  murphnm    

    pretty cute, my daughter liked it.

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  • Mgiallor By  Mgiallor    

    Very cute! I have watch it many times and love it.

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