Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

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A few of these flavors were good, but I wouldn't buy them again.

They have a wierd texture and leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Prefer the regular.

We love Twizzlers! But unfortunately not these. They have a waxy taste to them. My kids like them for the colors but they never eat more than one or two out of the bag.

love them

Tastes ok if youre desperate for something sweet. Leaves a funky aftertaste. I'll stick with the other flavors.

they have a differant flavor to them. i know they aren't going to be very good when my 7 yr old takes a bite and says he doesn't want it.

These are eatable if they are the only sweet thing I can get my hands on, like last week, I could only eat the green and purple ones though, the rest were nasty.

I did not care for these flavors at all. Even my 5 year old did not like them. Give me regular Cherry Twizlers or give me nothing.

they leave an aftertaste in the mouth which i didn't really like at all...

These are the worst flavor of Twizzlers I have tasted. What a waste of money.

I was addicted to this product as a teenager until someone referred to them as "diabetes in a stick!" I have had maybe three since that time and I am in my 50s. There should be warnings on the packaging or perhaps make them smaller staying within today's dietary guidelines.

Love them. Fruity and delicious... Little here and there doesn't hurt.


I think this product taste horrible. It's way too chewy and it has a play dough taste to it, just like a previous poster said. Not a single one of the flavors tasted any better than the others. I would never eat this again.