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  • hsrewoh By  hsrewoh    

    I do not like this lip stain. It is drying on my lips and by the end of the day, it is all clopped up on my lips.

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  • friendhamster By  friendhamster    

    I'm a big fan of this lip stain, because it is easy to apply precisely. There are a great selection of colours, and it really does last a long time. However, it does NOT look very good all by itself. I tend to put a gloss over it with a little bit of shimmer. I find that adding that second product makes this lip stain ideal. I do agree that it doesn't taste all that great, though.

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  • smelcer78 By  smelcer78    

    This is one of the only products I have actually called the company to complain about. I love outlast lipcolor. This lipstain is a whole other thing. It is like coloring your lips with magic markers. Terrible product. The outlast lipcolor however, is outstanding.

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  • shaylas By  shaylas    

    Loved the color selection!

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  • Kristymc86 By  Kristymc86    

    Did not like at all. it looked as if I put a marker on my Lips.

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  • smyga86 By  smyga86    

    I like the color and its long lasting. It felt like using a marker on my lips! Gives a natural tint to my lips. The flavor is kind of wierd but overall its a good product.

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  • obrienwilliams By  obrienwilliams    

    Great product. Will buy again.

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  • Lovely7 By  Lovely7    

    I love this, but it doesn't seem to stay on my lips for a long time. It wipes right off. I wear it often anyway because I do like the colors and I liked that it isn't a sticky lipstick. I can add gloss or chapstick and it looks great.

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  • Sazzydove By  Sazzydove    

    I liked it. It lasted long and if you put gloss on top it pops!

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  • cmcbcarder By  cmcbcarder    

    Great lipstick and perfect colors love bright colors.

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  • sweetnsassy By  sweetnsassy    

    Runs out to quick but still like it!

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    It reminds me of a marker. I don't wear much makeup but I actually liked this product.

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  • begemot By  begemot    

    The Covergirl Outlast Lipstain lasts for a very long time. The colors are really nice and the aftertaste is not something so unpleasant. The lips though should be very well moisturized since if they are dry the stain gets absorbed into the dry patches of skin and their color becomes somewhat darker than the overall color of the lips?

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  • rae3130 By  rae3130    

    This Lipstain works very well, but i agree with previous posts that it does not have a pleasant taste! but nothing a little lip balm over it wont cure!

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  • acohen By  acohen    

    The first lipstain I've ever tried and it leaves me with a bad taste, literally. I don't like the scent/flavor. the color is okay. It lasts a good amount of time but doesn't have a good feel or moisturizing effect. Definitely Not one of my favorite products.

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