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  • RedTabbyWittyKitty By  RedTabbyWittyKitty    

    I would not use something this cheap on my face except for spot concealer. It works great under eye shadow.

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  • Oparaa By  Oparaa    

    you can use this for an eye shadow base but for my skin tone it makes me look a bit sick. only the light colors work for under my eye. i cant use any of the for my whole face.

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  • AsheleyLafontant By  AsheleyLafontant    

    its very sheer like a tinted moisturizer type i use it as a primer!

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  • CloudNa By  CloudNa    

    I use this to conceal dark circles and some acne I have, and it works really well. This may just be my favorite product from ELF!

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    I wasn't too impressed with this product. It isn't very creamy so I found it difficult to apply to my cheeks and then it was too cakey on my eyes.

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  • mcarter251 By  mcarter251    

    I only use it as a spot concealer and not on my eyes as a base or all over. It works well for concealing spots though.

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  • roknrolchk1197 By  roknrolchk1197    

    I'm in the middle on this. First of all it is supposed to be use on eyes, lips, and face- i would NEVER use this on my eyes. even as a cream eyeshadow, it doesnt apply well and it feels very cakey on your lids. on your face, the pigmentation is great but it makes you break out REALLY bad- so I wouldnt use it if you have sensitive skin or are prone to break out. I have this is Pink Lemonade, Spotlight, and Permission. Spotlight is the perfect highlight, I use it daily. Pink Lemonade is my go-to lip product, it is such a pretty shade of raspberry. I don't reach for permission alot, though. For the price, it's worth it.

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  • beenlovinmusic4ever By  beenlovinmusic4ever    

    great product and can be used for an eyelid primer pot. it smellls great too!

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  • kclark37 By  kclark37    

    I don't actually use this for my face but I have found it to be a great eye shadow primer! Its also great as a full coverage concealer! Deff a keeper!

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  • aem0508 By  aem0508    

    These are very nice and you get quite a bit of product for one dollar.

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  • flcnblue By  flcnblue    

    There is no way I would use this as an all over face stick, I find that it works best to use as a spot concealer or eyeshadow base. Great for travel.

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  • whoakatie By  whoakatie    

    This product works great as a base and a concealer, but not as a foundation. I would not recommend it for someone wanting to apply this all over their face. I use it as a spot concealer and blend it out with a brush. I have it in Apricot, and find it perfectly matches my skin tone, so I only need to blend a little! For the price, its definitely worth it!

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  • cosmeticandy By  cosmeticandy    

    I own this in a two shades, light beige and fair. I am a girl with alot of freckles and this product works wonders for maximum coverage for anything you might need as well as spot coverage. If you use this all over your face i would recommend that you use a powder over it to set it, i would not recommend something with too much pigment because with a stickyish product like this one, more pigmented powders tend to appear blotchy. I do love this as a base for making eyeshadows bolder, especially if you want true shades of eyeshadow as well as coverage of any eyelid imperfections. A MUST HAVE!

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  • angelicbeauty By  angelicbeauty    

    I have this in the color Rosy Beige and I use this as a concealer for my under eye circles. The smell is great, and although it's not the best concealer that I've tried, I think it's worth it for only $1.

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  • HeatherHale2007 By  HeatherHale2007    

    I have this product in light, and it's a very good concealer for the price. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's used to wearing MAC, but for someone who is just learning about makeup or someone who's on a budget, this product is definitely worth a try!

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