Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

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Lifesaver!!! This helped depuff my eye one night I looked like I was so well rested. I was up all night studying for a test and left just in time to swipe that on them and save the day. So I looked great with 3 hours of sleep this stuff rocks!!

Didn't help undereye bags I didn't notice any difference in the bags under my eyes, but they're pretty bad. Maybe if you just have a bit of puffiness it works. I kept mine in the fridge, and it does feel great, just didn't see any improvement.

must try i was very skeptical but tried it for a week , wow just nice results

Did not work for me. This did not work for me in the slightest. I used this product for about a month and did not see any results. The only reason I am rating it 2 stars is because for the price, its worth a try if youre curious.

very pricey. you can get the same and better results with egg whites and coffee grinds.

Feels good going on. Decent product, but doesn't help my puffiness for very long.

I saw no difference I have tried this, and honestly I didn't see a difference. I was so hopeful too.

I loved this product and it worked amazingly.I really think its a ggod product

No positive results I didn't see much difference - maybe my eyes are too puffy for it to work?? Not sure, it's not unpleasant but I didn't see the results they claim you will see. Disappointing but I think you have to spend a lot more to have something happen.

Did not deliver the promises January I tried this product until it ran out twice a day waiting for the miracle to happen. It did not work for me, the scent was clean and it didn't feel oily or sticky but nothing for puffy or wrinkles. Maybe I need to combine with something else to activate it differently?

I didn't see any results from this product but the metal ball was cooling to the eye.

COOL IDEA ..DOESNT WORK WELL Loved the cool feeling of roller under my eyes to wake me up. Too small to do much for puffiness. Left area applied sticky. Neat roller!!

Not worth it. I didn't see a difference at all! Cool packaging but that's about it.

Cool package, not so good product. I appreciate the ease of which you can apply this product, but I really didn't see any difference after using it for a month.

Not that great I used this for a month, and I did not see any results. The only thing it does is make you feel cool under your eyes. It does nothing for eye puffiness or bags. You'll be better off just buying concealer.