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  • adrina619 By  adrina619    

    I love All Things Elf

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  • kclark37 By  kclark37    

    I own most of the Elf line line and love it, including the minerals. They are great quality for a low price!!!

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  • yvonne0024 By  yvonne0024    

    I am a big fan of ELF, and although i haven't tried the mineral foundations or blushes yet, I have heard alot of good things about them on Utube. I would recommened these products for the price, they never disappint me.

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  • Jessicag923 By  Jessicag923    

    I don't care for this product. I like the bronzer and blush duo better from the studio line.

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  • cosmeticandy By  cosmeticandy    

    I would give the E.L.F. mineral starter kit five stars and recommend it to anyone at all no matter your age or skin type. This is perfect for someone who is just starting with mineral makeup as well as professionals. The colors that they suggest for different skin tones stay very true and work well for many tones if not all, without mixing colors. Great price! Bottom line, i would buy E.L.F. over any others, even if the prices were steeper.

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  • qwertylovesmakeup By  qwertylovesmakeup    

    elf is my absolute favorite makeup brand. such great quality thats affordable. they're mineral line is fantastic!

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  • HannaKristine By  HannaKristine    

    E.L.F is wonderful for people that cant get a bunch of mac and high end makeup, Bottom line is a GREAT alternative! You just have to be careful because on there website Eyeslipsface.com there colors dont really show up right, things that are darking appear lighter in person, Maybe its just me?? They have GREAT lip glosses and cheep good nail polish if you dont want to spend 8 dollars for one color you can get 8 colors for 8 dollars here. There Brushes are good, some are a little sheddy and not very soft (: If your just starting out with makeup go get some elf products, you wont regret it

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  • lesannsantos By  lesannsantos    

    This product is very light on your skin and seems to blend in perfectly with your skin.

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  • HeatherHale2007 By  HeatherHale2007    

    I LOVE this product! I hate wearing heavy foundations, and this is perfect for my skin. This product is wonderful, and a great price for those who want to try out mineral makeup. Even if you don't like the concealer or foundation, the blushes are amazing! Extemely lightweight and so pigmented! My favorite is Joy, a great pink color for light skin.

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  • rubykhan By  rubykhan    

    Great affordable makeup products. The blush, studio brushes and mineral booster are great!

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  • devdevobrien By  devdevobrien    

    i personally love this product, but some of my clients with sensitive skin werent as happy. they were pretty upset, actually. great find for people with normal skin. otherwise, beware.

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  • cgd8602 By  cgd8602    

    The pigmentation of the mineral eyeshadows are fabulous! I absolutely love the mineral booster. It is a very useful translucent powder that keeps the my skin from looking oily. I wish these are available at Target along with the $1 items and some of the studio products that Target carry.

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  • babiidoll84 By  babiidoll84    

    I am in love with e.l.f products, they are by far one of my favorite makeup brands. Affordable great quality makeup, just wish more stores carried their products.

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  • izzy123 By  izzy123    

    I really like e.l.f. line products. My last purchased was a e.l.f. Studio Concealer Pencil & Brush and Ido like it, I can't take it with me everywhere . I can't wait to shop again on e.l.f store

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  • TheCreativePrincess By  TheCreativePrincess    

    I purchased some Elf makeup a few years ago for my niece. She LOVED it! At the time I also purchased some makeup brushes for myself. I am still using the brushes. I honestly was not expecting the brushes to last this long, I am so glad I was wrong!

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