Target Circo Toddler clothes

Target Circo Toddler clothes

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I like target but there cherokee brand is much better and stylish than circo for boys but for girls they have many cute dresses

I love Circo brand clothing at Target. The patterns are cute, the prices are low, and the quality is good. They last long enough to pass them down from one child to another too.

It is good quality for the price.

Circo clothes are adorable and super affordable! Definitely well made too!

We love Circo clothes I love the life to say they have in them and talking a bout fashion target is the only smaller no dept. store I see now days with a since of taste !!!


i love picking out cute clothes for my family and i love it more when they're at a good price and still cute

Cute clothes that are a great price! They are appropriate for the age, which is hard to find these day.

Cute clothes and very affordable.

Great price and very cute styles and patterns.

The prices are great for the pieces they offer but do not buy them if you expect them to hold their color or shape for very long. I have found that if I wash them in cold and allow them to air dry then they do last longer but they can not be passed down from one child to another. These are great play clothes and I do not feel guilty about cutting them up to be used as cleaning rags later when they are no longer wearable.

I only purchase circo on the clearance rack. I love how the clothes can be a little trendy, but they wear out so much faster than other clothes. They also run on the small side.

We too love Circo clothes. We've found them to be inexpensive yet a great value and durable as well. We have twin 4 year olds and an 8 month old. The baby clothes are not very telling as he outgrows them so fast, but the toddler/young girls clothes are fantastic! We bought the girls capris with adjustable waists in the summer of '07 and the girls were able to wear them as capris, then as knee shorts, and finally as regular shorts. And we were able to give them away in great condition. As for stains; if I treat them in a somewhat timely manner they don't set in. We try to buy Circo clothes whenever we can!

I have always found these clothes to be a good deal...for girls especially. I love to buy my daughter the little $5-6 dresses they have. They last for the amount of time they get to wear that size and if you take care of the stains right away, they usually come out like any other stain would. My son usually wore out his clothes (Circo or other) because he played hard. I don't think they are any worse or better than any other clothes you would buy.

I too LOVE this brand. The clothes are so cute and colorful...and stylish! Although they only may be good for one season, it's still worth it for the price you pay. Besides, then you can buy new for the next child.