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  • JenSchwieb By  JenSchwieb    

    I love the taste and convenience of these potatoes. They taste much more homemade than the potato flake mixes, but are just as handy (if not more!).

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  • Southerngenes By  Southerngenes    

    Very good, quick and easy. This is great to have on hand for a quick side dish.

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  • Annaflower By  Annaflower    

    These for very good and easy. They have many different kinds and are priced well.

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  • Rebecca18287 By  Rebecca18287    

    These come as close to being homemade as you can get. My whole family loves them.

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  • bobbie48 By  bobbie48    

    this are great mashed potatoes i buy them for my son and he thinks they are better than country crock my acme has them in a two package for 5 bucks

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  • coconut86 By  coconut86    

    I love these! the whole family does.. with my son being on a no chew diet for 4 wks. these are awesome!!! now I dont have to run to KFC every day!

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  • theshoelesswanderer By  theshoelesswanderer    

    Love all the Bob Evans products...great thick mashed potatoes that taste just like they would if I made them at home.

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  • TinaRofo By  TinaRofo    

    these are good and a great quick side when you are in a hurry. They taste very homemade.

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  • ibilicious By  ibilicious    

    Not quite as good as home made mashed potatoes, but it's as close to the real thing as you're going to get! Fluffy and tasty!

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  • cwmartucci By  cwmartucci    

    ok product kids love them, I on the other hand have found better quick options .... I just didnt get the mmm good feeling.. I think the kids (teenagers) liked them due to the fact they were very easy to make

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  • KathyCouponer By  KathyCouponer    

    Living on my own I buy the Macaconi & Cheese and the Mashed Potatoes all the time. I get 2 to 3 servings depending on what I'm serving them with and they are delicious. When they're on sale I'll purchase several of each to always have them in my freezer.

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  • Ahyden By  Ahyden    

    I love these and the mac and cheese!

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  • lanichelle By  lanichelle    

    These potatos are really good. I can't stand instant mashed potatos, but there's days when I'm really not up for all the peeling, boiling, ect and these work out beautifully! In terms of price, they're much better than country crock while still being yummy :)

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  • TSMcClaskie By  TSMcClaskie    

    These are GREAT! I have a family of seven (five children) who are in a lot of sports. We come home from games or practices and they want to eat NOW! I pop these in the microwave, while I fix a main dish and a veggie, and it's a great meal. They have a homemade taste, and with coupons and on sale they can be bought at a resonable price. There is no need to add a lot or salt or butter, they are already loaded with flavo(YUM).

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