Febreze Candles

Febreze Candles

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try the gain febreze candles they smell just like gain laundry detergent and you can smell it throughout the whole house

This is my FAVORITE. The scent lasts and so does the candle. It is expensive but I can burn it for a couple of hours for a month. Its worth the money!

The Fabreze candle is on the top of my list for long lasting. I use a candle warmer, which melts the wax, the fragrance it wonderful. We smell it through the house, and last hours.

I bought a pack of smaller Febreze candles last fall, and received one (like the size pictured) for Christmas, and I was amazed just how good these are. I always used to just ignore the 'cheap air freshener aisle' candles because I always thought of them as weak and artificial smelling. Well let's just say these things have come a long way in the years since I last paid attention to them. The scents from the ones I've tried have been surprisingly strong, throw is pretty darn good in my large roomed farmhouse, and quality makes it something you don't need to be ashamed to set out for all to see.

The candles come in a variety of really nice scents & last a long time. The glass holder is very attractive. I stock up whenever they're on sale or I have couupons.

These smell amazing! They aren't too overpowering, and they seem to eliminate odors. My super picky husband is sensitive to some candle smells, but he really likes these.

These are some great candles - they smell good and even better to buy when you snag a coupon! I like glade also though, so when money is running low, I buy the glade.

I love these candles, they smell wonderful and are very affordable. I only wish that they lasted a little bit longer.

I love these candles and scents. They fill the entire house if I put it in the right spot.

Long lasting scents Love this product

These are long lasting and smell great!

I have a dog and that means a smelly house so I constantly use candles for freshness. I have used febreeze before and was willing to try the candles. I love these candles, they are definitely worth the price. Occasionally, there are coupons on the products or in the Sunday paper.

I love these candles, they are all over my house... I use all of the fabreeze products

I absolutely love candles and Febreze! These candles didn't disappoint my expectations at all! I just love the aroma and the fact that they seem to last forever! However, the price is a bit much even when you find them on sale or use a coupon.

smell good,. I really like them them they are a lot cheaper than Yandell Candle